Kerry Katona hits back after she’s slammed for sharing underwear photo with daughter Heidi, 12

19 August 2019, 12:05 | Updated: 19 August 2019, 12:17

Kerry Katona has hit back at her followers
Kerry Katona has hit back at her followers. Picture: Instagram/PA Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Kerry Katona has been forced to defend herself after posing in her underwear with 12-year-old daughter Heidi.

Kerry Katona has been forced to defend herself after she shared a photo in her underwear while hanging out with 12-year-old Heidi.

The 38-year-old regularly posts glimpses of her fitness journey on Instagram after losing three stone last year.

But in her latest snap, reality star Kerry can be seen posing in bedroom in her bra and knickers while her daughter sits on the bed behind her.

The caption reads: “Loving my new underwear! Feeling great this morning.”

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Unfortunately, fans quickly took issue with the social media picture and many claimed it to be “inappropriate”.

One follower wrote: "Totally uncalled for to take a photo like that in front of your kids.”

Another said: “Not sure this give your child the right guidance, take a pic in underwear & post it for all to see.”

While a third added: “No need to be taking pics like that in front of children.. “

However, Kerry - who is also mum to Molly, 17, Lilly-Sue, 16, Max, 11, and five-year-old Dylan-Jorge - has been quick to defend herself, insisting that she is teaching her children a positive message.

Kerry told her followers to 'get a grip'
Kerry told her followers to 'get a grip'. Picture: Instagram

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In a separate Instagram post, she said: “To the negative normers out there whinging about me taking a pic of myself in my underwear in front of my daughter, please tell me what’s the difference to wearing a bikini on the beach and teaching my children to be healthier???”

She then added: "Get a grip!"

And her loyal followers were quick to defend her, with one writing: “Far too much negative been put on people these days...mind your own business and concentrate on your own lives…”

With another agreeing: "Their kids see more at the beach."

This comes after Kerry hit back at trolls once again last week when she was slammed her for letting her youngest Dylan-Jorge wear make-up.

The five-year-old was pictured wearing lipstick, mascara, eye-shadow and eyeliner - which didn’t go down too well with some fans.

But not letting the trolls win, Kerry later defended her decision to let DJ experiment with makeup, writing in her column for New! Magazine: "I'm not apologising for anything. DJ's a little girl and she loves putting on makeup like Mummy and her big sisters.

“It was Molly who did it, and I thought DJ looked absolutely beautiful.

"It's not like she does it on a daily basis. Molly's super talented with makeup and she can practise on her little sister any time she wants.

"If you have a problem with that, do one."