Exclusive: Mark Wright speaks out on Gemma Collins and Arg break-up drama

1 March 2019, 14:10 | Updated: 30 November 2021, 10:49

Mark Wright chatted to Heart Breakfast this morning
Mark Wright chatted to Heart Breakfast this morning. Picture: Heart

Mark Wright opened up about close pal James Argent during his appearance on Heart this morning.

Mark Wright has spoken out on the rumours his best friend and former TOWIE co-star James 'Arg' Argent has split from girlfriend Gemma Collins.

Speaking exclusively to Heart earlier today, Mark, 32, admitted that he wasn't sure what the latest in the saga was - but did predict a happy ending for the on-off couple.

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"I haven't spoke to him about it at all," he told us. "They seem in love. They seem like they really love each other, so I think [they'll have a happy ending]. But who knows?"

Gemma reportedly dumped Arg earlier this week after he posted an unflattering photo of her snoring to Instagram. It is unclear what the current status of their relationship is.

Mark also opened up about his excitement to start a family with wife Michelle Keegan, 31, saying: "We’re really excited to be a family and have kids, and touch wood that can happen one day, but just not right now," he told Heart. "We’re so busy, and still so young.

He added that he hopes to see more of the world before settling down, saying: "I just want to make sure I’m all travelled out. I’m getting to the point where I just want to settle now at home and have a job that brings me home every day, but I’m not quite there yet.

"The Bachelor brought me to Antigua and South Africa, and Michelle’s filming Our Girl and I’m going to live there for a month. I want to be travelled out."

The Bachelor UK is back next Monday
The Bachelor UK is back next Monday. Picture: Channel 5

Mark is the host of the revamped Bachelor UK, which starts next next Monday (4 March) on Channel 5 - and he described it as a 'more mature' version of Love Island.

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"The girls age ranges from 20 to 36, he [the bachelor] is 32. The dates are very adult. It’s more of a wider age range. Love Island is young and hits that young demographic, which is great, but this is shot more adult-like."

The Bachelor UK starts at 9PM on Channel 5 on 4 March 2019