Gemma Collins is 'depressed' after getting booted off Dancing On Ice... but will RETURN

25 February 2019, 11:07 | Updated: 25 February 2019, 11:17

Matt Evers thinks Gemma Collins is depressed after leaving DOI
Matt Evers thinks Gemma Collins is depressed after leaving DOI. Picture: Getty/Heart
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Evers told that Gemma has taken some 'time out' as she gets used to not being involved in the ITV show - but she will be back on the ice for the final.

Gemma Collins is suffering from "post Dancing On Ice depression" according to skating partner Matt Evers.

The American professional told that The GC had confided in him that she really misses being part of the ITV reality show, and had flown off to a juice retreat to process her emotions.

He said: "She pulled me aside on Tuesday night when she came to watch me filming the Real Full Monty, and she said ‘I miss it’.

"I asked her, 'Do you miss the ice skating or do you miss physical activity', and she said, 'I miss it all'.

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Matt Evers and Gemma Collins are still close mates despite her being voted off the show
Matt Evers and Gemma Collins are still close mates despite her being voted off the show. Picture: Getty

"I think what she’s feeling right now is ‘post-show depression’, when you come off a job if you've loved it or hated it, if it's all consuming and then it leaves you....

"I think she doesn't miss the ice skating per se, but she misses the adrenaline rush that comes from the live performances at the weekends, and also the endorphins."

Matt added that he is incredibly proud of Gemma for improving her general fitness, and doesn't think she has been given enough credit for all her hard work - that saw her shed two stone.

He explained: "I worked with Gemma and when we got started she could only do 15 minutes before needing to sit down.

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"By week five, week 6 of the television show, two months later, we were doing 2-and-a-half or 3 hour training sessions where she wouldn't sit down once.

"She's getting those endorphins, those happy hormones that make you feel better. I think that's what she's missing."

It's no surprise that Gemma's feeling a bit lost without her skates.

Her time on Dancing On Ice was brimming with drama, including spats with catty Australian judge Jason Gardiner, presenter Holly Willoughby, and taking a nasty fall on the ice.

But one good thing that came from her taking part in the show is that it took her one step closer to her dream of starting a family.

After getting unanimously voted off the show, she appeared on Loose Women to share plans to start a family with her long-term boyfriend Arg.

Matt Evers told Heart that Gemma WILL be back on the ice soon
Matt Evers told Heart that Gemma WILL be back on the ice soon. Picture: Heart

And Matt says that he will be continuing to support her as she overhauls her lifestyle to get ready to carry a child.

Yesterday Gemma, 38, told fans that she was jetting off on holiday - and Matt revealed that her trip away was all to do with her maintaining and building upon her weight loss.

He said: "Gemma is on a juice camp this week, she is really motivated to keep up the physical fitness.

"She's taken some time off, but she's asked me once she's back from this holiday to work on some meal plans, and gym routines and things to do at home.

"She's really motivated and I'm really proud of her for that."

Fans will get to see The GC back on the ice one last time when she joins the other contestants past and present at the Dancing On Ice final.

Matt teased: "That routine can be carnage as it's everyone on the ice at once."