Mum shares genius hack to keep bins smelling fresh using just a sanitary towel and Zoflora

11 January 2020, 09:40 | Updated: 18 February 2020, 10:13

A Mrs Hinch fan shares her hack for keeping bins smelling fresh
A Mrs Hinch fan shares her hack for keeping bins smelling fresh. Picture: Getty/Instagram/MrsHinchHome

Inspired by clean-fluencer Mrs Hinch, the fan posted her tip for bins on a social media group.

Using sanitary towels and a splash of Fabulosa, a disinfectant similar to Zoflora, favoured by Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchcliffe, her bins stay fresh and give off a pleasant scent every time they are opened.

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The fan shared her tip on a Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It according to The Sun, which reported the post had hundreds of likes and commenters saying they do the same.

One person did add, "Could you imagine having visitors over and them opening the bin to check something only to come across a pad stuck to the lid?"

With someone else noting, "You can get black pantyliners spray one of those and it wouldn't stand out as much."

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My Hincherrrs ❤️ Hello! How are we all? So on my stories today you’ll see I received through the brand new zoflora fragrance ‘Green Valley’ (gifted) and OMG the smell is amaze 😍🌾 so I HAD to do a Mrs Hinch style “Zoflora Hour” didn’t I! Absolutely loved every minute of it! Make sure you give it a go next time you get your zoflo out! Also NEWSFLASH update on my bathbomb basket 🤣 it’s almost full! I’ve picked two out (on the left there) ready to use 1 this evening and I’m actually a little excited! I’ll also get my oils out after my bath to massage bump and wherever else these oils are supposed to go 😩😂 mate I’m learning something new everyday! So as always I’m sending you all my biggest Hinch hug, all my love and I still can’t thank you all enough for everything! I’m Mrs Hinch on insta because of you (Ps 1.9 mill I can’t even believe it) all the best .. my dorgeous ones xx 😉 Items #gifted are: Bath Board: @bathboards Labelled Bottles: @shabby2chicboutique Vase & flowers: @handmadevasesbynicolax

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