Christine McGuinness reveals she and Paddy's youngest daughter also has autism, just like their twins

12 February 2020, 10:36

The couple have revealed the news that their three year old is autistic
The couple have revealed the news that their three year old is autistic. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The couple have just revealed that their three year old daughter has been diagnosed with autism.

Christine McGuinness has recently opened up about hers and husband Paddy's youngest daughter's autism diagnosis.

The reality TV star and presenter partner Paddy are parents to three children, six-year-old twins Leo and Penelope, and three-year-old Felicity.

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Three years ago the couple's twins were diagnosed with autism, and they've just announced on social media that their youngest, Felicity, is also on the spectrum.

Christine, 31, wrote in an Instagram yesterday explaining the recent diagnosis, which has gained over 9,000 likes and she's turned the comments off.

The post, which is a written message on a cream love-heart background reads: "I am so proud to be your mummy, you are everything to me."All three of you are thriving with ASD [Autistic Spectrum Disorder].

"I will never try and change you, you are perfect as you are.

"Mummy is going to change the world to understand her superstars.

"You are sensitive, you are strong, and you have such a special bond.

"You are funny and talented, cheeky and sweet, you all love your toys to be kept extra neat.

"Shining brighter than the stars above. You are special, so wanted and oh so loved.

"Leo, Penelope and Felicity, you are unaware of the positive impact you have, even on the tough days you even make me laugh.

"My trio, my babies, my fabulous three. Together we are a strong, proud, unique family."

She signed it off: "All my love always, Mummy" alongside her name and Instagram handle.

And the star also captioned the Instagram post with a heartfelt message which said: "Recently our youngest daughter Felicity was also diagnosed with autism, three years after our twins Leo and Penelope were diagnosed.

"Going through this journey again does still bring some heartache knowing all three children will face challenges and difficulties that others won’t.

"But ultimately I feel confident as a family we are in a much stronger place, we are able to use our experience and knowledge as power helping us to feel well prepared.

"We are here to love and support our three extra special children and I thank god every day these babies are mine. Proudest mummy ❤️❤️❤️"

Only last month Christine opened up about the "awful aftermath" of Christmas, as her children weren't prepared for it to end.

She and Paddy have always been open about the challenges they've faced as parents, as their children struggle with sensory overload, anxiety and they become easily overwhelmed.

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