Phillip Schofield announces tell-all book about his 'deeply emotional' coming out journey

7 July 2020, 19:25 | Updated: 7 July 2020, 19:27

Phillip announce his debut book this evening on Instagram
Phillip announce his debut book this evening on Instagram. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

This Morning host and much-loved TV presenter Phillip has announced the title of his first ever book, Life's What You Make It.

Phillip Schofield has announced that his tell-all book, Life's What You Make It will be published this October.

The ITV presenter, 58, revealed in an Instagram video this evening that the story will cover the ins and outs of his life, including his coming out story and how he's had the first chapter of that story written for years.

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The star has confirmed that after decades of wanting to write his own book, lockdown provided him with the perfect opportunity to put his head down and finally do it.

He explained in a short video that he has been planning his own book since he was 14 years old - he'd written the first sentence of it back then - but after writing the first chapter in 2017, he felt like he couldn’t go forward with it.

In the video, Phil said: "I have something to tell you which I am very, very excited about. I have finally, after being asked for many years, written my book.

"I wrote the first line when I was 14 and I knew exactly how I wanted it to start, should I ever write it, and it is in fact now the first line.

"In 2017, I wrote the first few chapters and sent it a few friends and they were like, “oh my god, you have to write this,” and I knew I couldn’t and you knew why."

Phillip's happy to announce his new book
Phillip's happy to announce his new book. Picture: Instagram

He carried on to explain: "And then my life changed and lockdown happened and I had a shed load of time on my hands.

"I thought, 'well, you’ve thought about it for long enough, you’ve written all these notes, why don’t you do it?' and so I did.

"I wrote and I wrote and I loved it.

"I will take you behind-the-scenes of my life and my career and my family and my friends. The ups and downs that there have been.

"Lots of ups, lots of funs, but some really, very, very, emotional times as well.

"I’ve been honest, I’ve been me and it’s done."

Phil signed off the video cleverly working in the title of his book, saying: "And I’ve discovered at the end of it, that life is indeed what you make it."

The star looked emotional in the video
The star looked emotional in the video. Picture: Instagram

The caption for his Instagram post read: "After being asked many times, and after many years of wanting to, I have written my autobiography. I wrote the first line of the book, in my head, when I was about 14.

"It took me until 2017 for me to finally write the first chapter and then I stopped because the time wasn’t right. It has certainly been something of a work in progress!

"Over the years I have been making notes of the stories and events of my life that I thought would tell my story. Finally, in Lockdown, I knew that all the pieces of the jigsaw had been put into place and I was ready to write - that and a new discovery... lots of free time! It has been a fascinating experience, both immense fun and deeply emotional.

"Finally, after all these years, I’m happy it’s gone from my head, to the page. I’ve been honest and I’ve been me.

"Thank you @michaeljbooks @penguinukbooks."

Phillip's book Life's What You Make It will be published this October but is available to pre-order now.

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