Stacey Solomon fans think she’s given birth after star ‘disappears’ from social media

1 October 2021, 07:22

Stacey Solomon fans think she's given birth
Stacey Solomon fans think she's given birth. Picture: Instagram/Twitter

Fans are convinced Stacey Solomon has become a mum for the fourth time after spotting something on Instagram.

Stacey Solomon has sparked rumours she might have given birth after not posting on Instagram for 24 hours.

The Loose Women star is expecting her fourth baby - second with fiancé Joe Swash - and has been keeping fans updated with her pregnancy journey.

But Stacey, 31, has stayed off Instagram for a whole day, with followers speculating this could mean she’s gone into labour.

Stacey Solomon is expecting her first daughter very soon
Stacey Solomon is expecting her first daughter very soon. Picture: Instagram

The last photo she shared was of her incredible Autumnal home decorations while cradling her bump, while she wished her 4.7m followers good night at around 10pm on Wednesday evening.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Stacey hasn’t been on Insta in ages it feels like. She’s defo giving birth right now.”

Another wrote: “So @StaceySolomon has been off Instagram all day.. Princess Pickle may be on her way.”

A third added: "Just wondering… @StaceySolomon are you having your baby today…? Gone awful quiet…"

Stacey and Joe, 39, announced the news they are expecting their second baby together back in July.

Stacey Solomon last posted on Instagram on Wednesday
Stacey Solomon last posted on Instagram on Wednesday. Picture: Instagram

The couple already have son Rex, two, together, while Stacey is mum to 13-year-old Zachary and nine-year-old Leighton and Joe shares son Harry, 14, with his ex.

This comes after Stacey recently revealed that she thought the newborn would be here by now, as she was due at the end of September.

In a video posted to Instagram earlier in the week, she said: "They’re all finally asleep and I’m already in bed and it’s only half nine. I just can’t stay up any more.

"I was just laying here thinking…firstly I was thinking I can’t believe I’m still pregnant. I really thought I’d have had her by now.

"But this is the first time I’ve been pregnant and not wished the end away because I know I won’t do it again so I’m just trying to like cling on to every second.

"I was also thinking I’ve actually got to get her here not. Gotta push her out! I’ve been in denial about it for the past nine months I think!"

Stacey then joked: "It’s number four so I’m hoping I’ll just sneeze her out or a quick [cough] – mazel tov, it’s a girl! But I know it’s gonna be horrendous. I know it’s not bad for everyone but I really don’t love labour. I think it really hurts!"