Joe Swash left mortified as Loose Women ring Stacey Solomon live on air after he 'lies' about feeding Rex

27 September 2019, 15:37

Stacey wasn't happy with Joe's claims on the show
Stacey wasn't happy with Joe's claims on the show. Picture: ITV
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The new mother branded fiancé Joe a Liar after he said he gets up at 4am to feed baby Rex.

Joe Swash was left red-faced today after Stacey Solomon called him out for lying on live TV for getting up to do the night feeds for newborn baby Rex.

37-year-old Joe was making an appearance on Loose Women, the ITV talk show that Stacey, 29, is an occasional panelist on, to talk about his new announcement, joining the cast of Dancing on Ice 2020.

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Joe had a great time on the show
Joe had a great time on the show. Picture: ITV

TV presenter Joe was joking with panelists Nadia, Saira, Carol and Kay about Stacey finding the thought of him ice skating hilarious, as he said: "Stacey kinda thinks it's a bit funny".

The Loose Women all said they'll be in the audience, cheering him on, to which Joe gratefully replied: "it won't be the same without my ladies!"

Conversation then changed to Joe and Stacey's young son Rex, four months, and Joe explained he's been sleeping well but that it is tiring doing the night feeds.

Joe was embarrassed
Joe was embarrassed. Picture: ITV

When asked for more detail by the ladies, Joe explained that he's been stepping up as Rex typically needs feeding at 12am and again at around 4am.

He explained: "I will do the 4am night feed.

I am not going to say I do all of them as Stacey will be chucking things at the telly. We share them."

Nadia Sawalha wasn't convinced so thought it would be funny to give Stacey a ring at home and see what she had to say about it, and that she did.

Stacey picked up and Nadia asked her the question and Stacey replied: "I’m watching at home... Is he having a laugh?!"

She continued: "He’s pretending he gets up at 4am, how dare you go to work with my friends and pretend you get up at 4am!"

Joe quickly replied: "Who done four o'clock this morning?" to which Stacey retired: "You didn't!".

The banter continued after Stacey had hung up with Joe saying he couldn't believe Stacey had said that.

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