Emily Andre risks the wrath of Katie Price after saying she has "four kids"

28 January 2019, 09:07 | Updated: 1 February 2019, 12:46

Emily and Pete have been married since 2015
Emily and Pete have been married since 2015. Picture: Instagram

While chatting about her life with husband Peter Andre she claimed she had "four kids" including those from his relationship with Katie Price.

Katie Price is always vocal if somebody rubs her up the wrong way and her ex husband's new wife Emily is not exempt from that rule.

Last year she infamously told the 29-year-old doctor "bind your beak" on Twitter after Peter Andre's wife made some comments about her to the press.

And many are expecting Emily to feel the wrath of the 40-year-old former glamour model again following some recent comments.

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In her latest column for OK! magazine the doctor wrote about her home life with Peter and referred to the kids - including Junior and Princess from Pete's marriage to Katie - as her "four children".

Emily and Pete have two children, Amelia, 5, and Theodore, 2, together but it seems like Katie may not be happy wth her calling all four of the kids in her house 'hers' especially after the differences they've had.

In her new column she also addresses Russell Brand's recent experiences with fatherhood and how he is "no good at nappies".

She wrote: "Some people have criticised him for leaving his wife to do everything, but I actually think it’s good that he’s come out and admitted his weaknesses.

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"I think he just needs to bite the bullet and get on with it because it’s not that hard! I was very lucky that Pete was so hands-on and he was very good with nappies.

"Having said that, I didn’t leave him with all four for probably about six months, but I think that was more just because as a mum you’re always around."