Who is Sam Faiers’ boyfriend Paul Knightley? Job and family revealed

20 September 2018, 15:49 | Updated: 19 October 2018, 20:10

paul Knightley

It was love at first sight when property developer Paul Knightly met Sam Faiers in an Essex kebab restaurant.

Sam Faiers' reality show The Mummy Diaries follows her and sister Billie and their families - including their partners. Here we learn more about Sam's boyfriend of four years, Paul Knightley.

Who is Paul Knightley?

Paul is a 30-year-old former property developer from Essex. 

He is now best known as Sam Faier's boyfriend and baby daddy, and works full time with her on their clothing website.

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Will Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley get married? 

Sam angered her baby-daddy when she pulled off a 'proposal stunt' during a trip to Dubai, scuba diving with a card that read 'will you....'

She has made no secret of her desire to get hitched to the hunky family man, but he has his own views, telling Billie that he would say NO if Sam ever went down on one knee.

Sam later told OK! Magazine: "Of course I’d love to get married, but I’m not some creepy girlfriend who begs her boyfriend to propose.

"It was a bit of an ongoing joke between us that happened to end up being made into a big part of the show.

"I know he’ll ask me at some point so I’m in no rush. We get asked all the time so it puts a lot of pressure on him. We’ve spoken about marriage – it’s definitely on the cards.

"We’ve said we won’t have any more children until we get married though."

What does Paul Knightley do for a living? 

Paul was a property developer when he met Sam, but now the couple work together on their clothing label, All Bits London. 

The brand sells womenswear, maternity clothes, jewellery, scarves and other accessories. 

On one episode of The Mummy Diaries, Sam explained that the variety of stock had inspired the name - they sell a bit of everything. 

In April the Daily Mail claimed that the brand was expected to have a turnover of £1.8 MILLION in 2018. 

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A source said: “Sam is no stranger to making money and she knew that instead of being paid by other fashion brands to promote their clothing, she could create her own business to capitalise on her following. 

“Sam is heavily involved in the day to day running of the business and has personally designed a number of the brands collections herself.”

There are four other members of staff working on the brand who Paul manages. 

How did Sam Faiers and  Paul Knightley meet?

Paul and Sam met in October 2014 at swanky kebab house Sheesh in Chigwell, Essex. 

She had recently broke up with Towie co-star Joey Essex - and later told the Mail Online that meeting the love of her life came as a huge surprise. 

Sam said: “I didn't expect to meet anyone... particularly after such an on-off relationship. I suppose they say it happens when you're not looking for it.”

How many children do Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley have? 

Sam and Paul had been dating for ten months when she fell pregnant with their first child, Baby Paul Tony. 

He was born on December 29, 2015, and featured on Sam’s first foray in to solo reality TV, The Baby Diaries. 

Sam said: "We always wanted him to be called Paul after his dad.

"It's traditional and we didn't have any other names on the list, so he's Paul and his middle name is Tony after Paul's brother, his Uncle Tony."

The couple have since welcomed a little girl, Rosie. 

Rosie Knightley was born on November 11, 2017 and has also appeared on Sam’s reality shows.

Sam and Paul will never reveal Rosie’s middle name, although it’s believed to be Billie. 

She explained that she is keeping it quiet after people made fun of her first born’s name. 

Sam said: “It irritated me because his name’s Paul, his middle name’s Tony. 

“His name is not Paul Tony, it’s Paul. 

“When I have my next baby, I’m not telling people the middle name.

"It’s like someone calling me Samantha Elizabeth, but Paul Tony doesn’t sound very nice."

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Do Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley live together and share a bed? 

Big Paul and Sam live in a house in Hertfordshire with their two children - and not too far from their Essex relatives. 

However, the couple do not share a bed, with the Pauls in one and Sam and Rosie in another. 

In an episode of The Mummy Diaries Sam said she missed sleeping in a bed with her partner - even though he dislikes cuddles. 

Sam said: "So how long do you think it's going to be until we're back in the same bed?

"I estimate about three years. I miss cuddling you in bed, it feels weird don't you think?

"You don't like me cuddling you anyway?"

Paul replied: "I do but when I'm going to sleep I like to just lay on my own."

Who is Paul Knightley’s mum? 

Paul’s mum is Gaynor, who is a devout Christian and devoted grandma to Baby Paul and Rosie. 

Scenes aired showing Paul kissing his mum on the lips, an action that sparked a national debate about how old is too old to be so close to your parents. 

Sam later admitted she blamed herself for the backlash.

She said: "That was the first time he had done any TV and I feel partly to blame because I really threw him in at the deep end and he wasn't comfortable with it all yet."

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Nanny Gaynor & Rosie’s first holiday together

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