Is Clarkson's Farm real or scripted?

31 May 2024, 17:30 | Updated: 3 June 2024, 11:31

Clarkson's Farm Kaleb Cooper and Jeremy Clarkson with a digger
Clarkson's Farm is being questioned over how natural and real the situations are. Picture: Amazon Video

By Zoe Adams

Jeremy Clarkson and his Amazon Prime Video cast are being questioned over their authenticity - so is the farming show scripted? Here's what's been said.

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Clarkson's Farm season 3 has brought many TV viewers lots of joy this May as the likes of Jeremy, Lisa Hogan, Kaleb Cooper and Charlie Ireland get to work on running Diddly Squat.

From farming and mating pigs, to reopening the restaurant and even farming the 'unfarmable', the storylines have been brilliant. In fact, so good, viewers have questioned how natural the show is and whether in fact, it's scripted.

With the announcement of season four, fans of Clarkson's Farm have been taking a closer look at how filming is done, so what do we know about the storylines?

Here's what's been said about those scripted queries.

The Clarkson's Farm cast having a picnic in the woods
The Clarkson's Farm cast have addresses whether the show is scripted. Picture: Kaleb Cooper/Instagram

Is Clarkson's Farm real or scripted?

Jeremy and Kaleb have both come forward to address the rumours that Clarkson's Farm is scripted with it being a firm 'no'.

Thanking watchers for their support on X (formerly Twitter), Jeremy posted: "Once again, thank you for all the kind words about the second half of series three. I hope you enjoy four as much."

A fan replied: "One of the best programmes you’ve created. Not that it takes much creating. Your job of simply running the farm and highlighting the issues of British farming makes for excellent television."

Taking the opportunity to talk scripts, he responded: "You’re dead right. It isn’t created or written or planned. The cameras just film us doing stuff."

Jeremy Clarkson and partner Lisa Hogan on the Clarkson's Farm red carpet
Jeremy Clarkson has insisted Clarkson's Farm is authentic. Picture: Getty

Kaleb, also revealed the question of whether Clarkson's Farm was real is the one he's asked the most.

Speaking to The Country Hour on ABC Australia, Kaleb said: "They normally say 'Is it all real?' and I go '100 per cent'.

"I don't know how they think it's not real, I'm not an actor, I don't go up there and act, I am myself."

However, not all fans are convinced everything is natural with some suggesting the situations are put on at the very least.

Either way, it hasn't impacted viewing figures or the strong message of how hard life can be as a farmer.

Season 4 is currently filming now.

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