Who is Clarkson's Farm's Charlie Ireland? Job, children and life away from Diddly Squat

31 May 2024, 17:31 | Updated: 3 June 2024, 11:31

Charlie Ireland has been working with Jeremy Clarkson on his farm since 2019
Charlie Ireland has been working with Jeremy Clarkson on his farm since 2019. Picture: Instagram/Amazon Prime

By Zoe Adams

Cheerful Charlie has become one of our favourites on Amazon Prime's Clarkson's Farm so who is he? Here's everything you need to know.

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Clarkson's Farm has a whole collection of workers we've grown to love over the Amazon Prime seasons from Kaleb Cooper, to Lisa Hogan and of course, Charlie Ireland.

Most commonly known as 'Cheerful Charlie' - Jeremy Clarkson often makes fun of the TV star for his negative and realistic methods and costs of running a successful farm.

But just like the other workers on Diddly Squat farm, Charlie isn't a celebrity but a real worker - so who is he? Keen to get to know him more, viewers have been in search of clearer answers about his job, personal life including wife and children and much more.

However, it will come as no surprise that Charlie is incredibly professional and private regarding most areas of his life. Here's what we know.

Charlie Ireland has become a viewer's favourite amongst the cast
Charlie Ireland has become a viewer's favourite amongst the cast. Picture: Kaleb Cooper/Instagram

Who is Clarkson's Farm Charlie Ireland and what is his job?

A true professional in the farming world, Charlie is all about his work in agriculture.

As revealed in season 3 of Clarkson's Farm, Charlie is a contractor who meets with Jeremy to advise him on all things successful farming whether that's budget, crops or business ideas.

Part of company Ceres Rural, Charlie is the lead in Oxfordshire and his profile reads: "Charlie has 20 years of experience providing leading farm management and consultancy advice to clients across the West and South East of England.

"He specialises in farm management and strategic planning. Implementing the plans is the exciting part of the job, making a real difference to the future of a business."

Charlie, who works with a number of top clients, started working for Jeremy in 2019. He studied agriculture at the University of Nottingham and has further skills in business and real estate development.

Charlie Ireland and Jeremy Clarkson having a discussion on the farm
Charlie Ireland found himself a household face when he agreed to film Clarkson's Farm. Picture: Amazon Prime

Does Clarkson's Farm Charlie have a wife and children?

Charlie's personal life is completely private, however, we do know that he has sons, although how many, names and ages are unclear.

On his Ceres Rural profile, it says: "He loves spending time with his family and will soon struggle to come to terms with the fact his sons are faster, stronger and hit a cricket ball further than he can!"

What else do we know about Charlie Ireland?

As seasons go on, we are slowly getting to know Cheerful Charlie more but for now, very little is known about him outside of Diddly Squat farm.

He does, however, have an Instagram page @runcheerfulcharlie, which is dedicated to all of his runs where he raises money for multi neurone disease. He has just completed the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon.

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