Line of Duty season 6: Who are Carl Banks and Terry Boyle?

25 March 2021, 16:11

AC-12 has been investigating Carl Banks and Terry Boyle
AC-12 has been investigating Carl Banks and Terry Boyle. Picture: BBC

Who is Carl Banks in Line of Duty and what does Terry Boyle have to do with the murder of Gail Vella?

Season six of Line of Duty definitely started with a bang, as AC-12 kicked off Gail Vella's murder investigation.

Terry Boyle was initially arrested based on information from a CHIS (covert human intelligence source) that a man named Ross Turner bragged he was involved in killing Gail.

After seemingly tracking down Turner, police raided a flat in Beechwood house and found Terry.

It looks as though he was set up by a mysterious man called Carl Banks, who planted evidence in his flat.

But who is the real Ross Turner, and what do Carl and Terry have to do with the murder? Here’s what we know…

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Who is Carl Banks in Line of Duty?

Carl Banks is a suspect in the Gail Vella killing, and AC-12 seem to be convinced he’s a member of the OCG.

In episode one, DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) told DCI Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar): “One initial line of inquiry in Vella was a contract killing.

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"According to my informant on the Hill, Operation Lighthouse has detected forensic evidence linking to this suspect, Carl Banks.

“Carl Banks has an extensive history of violence, including firearms offences, and a long association with organised crime.”

Carl Banks is seemingly a member of the OCG in Line of Duty
Carl Banks is seemingly a member of the OCG in Line of Duty. Picture: BBC

He previously lived on Creechurch Street in Moss Heath, which is also the location of the council estate ‘The Bog’ (Borogrove Estate), where Ryan Pilkington grew up.

It seems likely that Carl is related to OCG member Lee Banks (Alistair Natkiel), who is currently in prison.

Lee is a longtime member of the OCG and shot Sergeant Jane Cafferty during the set-up ambush and also brutally killed PC Maneet Bindra.

He was arrested while delivering a bribe to Cafferty at her home and viewers will remember Ted Hastings went to visit him in jail in season five.

Who is Terry Boyle in Line of Duty?

Fans of the show will recognise Terry Boyle’s name from all the way back in series one.

Terry Boyle has been in Line of Duty since season one
Terry Boyle has been in Line of Duty since season one. Picture: BBC

Terry (who was originally played by Elliot Rosen but is now played by Tommy Jessop), has been caught up in a number of dodgy situations with the OCG over the years

In the first series, Ryan (Gregory Piper) persuaded Terry to let them into his council flat before trashing his home and abusing him.

He was also used for his freezer in series five, when the OCG stored the body of murdered Jackie Laverty in there.

Back to the latest Line of Duty series, DCI Jo Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) decided to let Terry go, despite there was some incriminating evidence against him.

But with a very thorough clean-up having taken place at his real flat, it looks like Terry’s story isn’t over.

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