Love Island fans cringe as Yewande Biala and Arabella Chi suffer awkward reunion on Aftersun

1 July 2019, 07:53 | Updated: 1 July 2019, 08:04

Love Island Aftersun got very awkward last night
Love Island Aftersun got very awkward last night. Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Yewande confronted Arabella for kissing Danny an HOUR after she left the Love Island villa.

While the boys and girls of the Love Island villa get to know the Casa Amor newbies, over on Aftersun things got seriously awkward between dumped contestants Yewande Biala and Arabella Chi.

In case you missed it, during their time on the ITV2 show Yewande and Arabella were competing for the affections of model Danny Williams.

Unfortunately for Yewande, Danny went on to pick Arabella forcing his former partner to pack her bags and leave the villa in a shock dumping.

But during another unexpected visit from Caroline Flack, Danny and Arabella were split up last week when the public and their fellow Islanders chose to get rid of Arabella.

Danny was forced to make a decision between Yewande and Arabella
Danny was forced to make a decision between Yewande and Arabella. Picture: ITV

And Yewande was forced to come face-to-face with her love rival on the latest episode of Aftersun.

When asked whether the pair had spoken, she admitted: "No, I haven't spoken to her.

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"I mean, like, she's a lovely girl and I didn't really get to know her in the villa because it's quite awkward getting to know someone who's trying to steal your man, so I didn't get to know her in the villa and now we're out we don't really have that established friendship.”

She added: "I just don't think it would be genuine if we had that friendship now.

"I think it would be very forced."

Later in the show, the studio audience where then shown the moment Arabella and Danny kissed in the villa not long after her exit.

“How did it feel watching that back?” Caroline asked Yewande, as she replied: “It’s weird isn’t it?

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“It’s just, how long was it when I left?”, to which Arabella answered nervously: “Probably an hour.”

In another tense exchange, the pair were sat next to each other on the sofa when a question from the audience was read out asking whether they’d ever be friends.

Yewande and Arabella were forced to sit next to each other on Aftersun
Yewande and Arabella were forced to sit next to each other on Aftersun. Picture: ITV

Arabella replied: “I think it is so hard, our circumstances are so hard. Like in the real world you will never be friends for going with the same guy, but we are obviously going to have to be civil.

“I have no hard feelings towards you. I did the right thing by coming to speak to you. If anything it should have been Danny. He is the middle of this.”

This was greeted by silence from Yewande. Awks!

And fans found the whole thing extremely uncomfortable, as one wrote: "It’s so awkward between Yewande & Arabella , yikesss."

"Not seen anything more awkward than arabella and yewande on love island after sun #LoveIslandAftersun."

hile a third added: "Yewande giving Arabella the cold shoulder on after sun is everything she deserves #LoveIslandAftersun"

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