Love Island star Paige Thorne's family defend her for not leaving villa

14 July 2022, 09:00

Love Island: Jacques tells Paige he'll wait for her and wants her as his girlfriend

Love Island fans are all asking the same thing - has Paige left Love Island?

It has been a dramatic few days on Love Island, with Jacques O’Neill deciding to quit the show with just a few weeks to go.

Speaking to his partner Paige Thorne, Jacques, 23, said: "You mean so much to me, you know that. I've been trying to put a brave face on but things are getting to me.

“Basically, like, I just wish I could finish my journey off with you in here, but I'm gonna go home today.

Paige has not left the Love Island villa
Paige has not left the Love Island villa. Picture: ITV

"You’re still enjoying your time here. I’m not. You just do what you need to do and listen, I'll be waiting for you, I will. Just do what you have to do, it’s fine. Don't even think about me when I leave."

But now fans of the show are wondering whether Paige will quit too, so here’s what we know…

Has Paige left Love Island?

No, Paige, 24, has decided to stay in the Love Island villa after Jacques’ departure.

And after some online backlash, Paige’s parents have defended her for not leaving the show.

Jacques left Love Island this week
Jacques left Love Island this week. Picture: ITV

Posting on her social media accounts, they wrote: “Little note that #BeKind applies to Paige too.

“If she decides to leave the villa, that is her own decision, and she has no obligation to follow Jacques – this is her experience just as much as his.

They added: “There is only 2.5 weeks left of her once in a lifetime experience, let’s not see her come out to negativity.”

This comes after fellow Islander Luca Bishclick here previously hinted that he thought Paige would follow her partner out the door.

Luca and Jacques share emotional moment ahead of latter’s departure from the villa

Speaking in the Beach Hut about how he was feeling about Jacques’ departure, Luca said: “I didn’t think he’d be leaving alone.”

Viewers at home were quick to notice the comment, as one person said: “Yeah, Luca he thought Paige would leave with him.”

Someone else wrote: “Luca said Paige why you still here,” while a third added: “Luca has insinuated twice that Paige should’ve left.”

On the outside world, Jacques promised Paige he would wait for her and said he wanted to be her boyfriend.

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