What football team does Love Island's Jamie Allen play for?

21 July 2022, 15:37 | Updated: 26 July 2022, 09:29

Love Island 2022: What football team does Jamie Allen play for? Here's what we know...

Love Island is back and more dramatic than ever.

And just as we’re getting over the drama of another two contestants being kicked out of the villa, four bombshells turned up.

One of those surprise arrivals is Jamie Allen, who is hoping to make his mark on the girls on the show.

Before entering the villa, he said: “My friends would say I am the one that gets all the girls, my family would say I am confident, funny and easy to get along with.”

Jamie Allen has joined the Love Island cast
Jamie Allen has joined the Love Island cast. Picture: Instagram

But what football team does Jamie play for? Here’s what we know…

What football team does Jamie Allen play for?

Jamie is a professional footballer who recently signed a new contract as a forward for Halifax Town FC and also plays for Montserrat's national team.

He signed for them in 2019, with Halifax confirming they don’t know whether he will return.

They Tweeted: “Jamie Allen has decided to join the cast of Love Island 2022, making his intentions clear that the opportunity is very important to him.

Jamie Allen plays for Halifax Town FC
Jamie Allen plays for Halifax Town FC. Picture: Alamy

“The matter will be reviewed on his return.”

The star has previously played for other football clubs including Fleetwood Town, Southport and Dover Athletic.

Opening up about his competitive streak, Jamie said: “Absolutely, I play football every single day and in terms of stepping on people’s toes we are all in there for the same reason so I wouldn’t have a problem upsetting a few people.

“I am coming in a bit later so I probably will upset a few lads but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

When asked what he’ll bring to the villa, Jamie said: “I am just going to be myself, good vibes, good energy, get along with anyone, the boys, the girls but the main objective is to find someone so I am just going to be myself in the villa.”