Why everyone thinks MAFS Australia contestants Josh White and Tayla Winter are dating

26 May 2023, 14:07

MAFS Australia's Josh White drinking a beer with his sunglasses on and Tayla Winter takes car sefie in pink dress
MAFS Australia's Josh White and Tayla Winter are rumoured to be dating. Picture: Instagram

Married At First Sight Australia 2023 didn't end well for most couples but plenty of new romances have formed since - so are Josh White and Tayla Winter one of them?

Josh White and Tayla Winter were part of their fair share of Married at First Sight Australia 2023 drama.

Josh found himself with Melissa Shepherd who's fondness of sex eventually broke down their communication, while Tayla joined as one of the half-way couples with Hugo Armstrong and it's fair to say, they never really got along.

Now, just months after the show finale aired, Tayla and Josh have been pictured on a double date with Harrison Boon and his new girlfriend with many questioning whether they could be the newest couple to come out of the show.

Jesse Burford and Janelle Hun, as well as Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis, have also fuelled re-coupling rumours since the ending of the popular Channel 4 show.

So are Josh and Tayla in a relationship? Here's what we know.

MAFS Australia star Josh White shows off his two different coloured eyes in a selfie
MAFS Australia star Josh White addressed the rumours surrounding his love life on Instagram. Picture: Josh White/Instagram

Are MAFS Australia Josh White and Tayla Winter dating?

Spotted arm-in-arm on what would look like a date, Josh and Tayla joined their former cast mate Harrison and his new girlfriend Gina for dinner.

Quick to address the rumours, Josh, who has also been linked to Lyndall Grace from the show, took to his Instagram page.

He said: "I saw the story yesterday. I literally went to a dinner with Tayla, Harrison and his girlfriend. There’s nothing happening. It was literally just a dinner, and that’s it.”

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Josh also took the opportunity to defend his friend Tayla, who didn't come across positively on the show.

"We are good friends. We didn't know each other on the show, but we obviously chatted and have remained friends," he added.

"I think she's very different to the person that’s on the show in real life."

Tayla found herself being hated on by fellow contestants and viewers after she gave husband Hugo and frosty reception throughout their whole marriage.

At the reunion, her reported friendship with Cam Woods also took centre stage as rumours surfaced that they had been sexting.

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