Strictly star Saffron Barker’s home ransacked by thieves as she and her family slept

19 November 2019, 11:42

The YouTuber posted an emotional video today revealing that her Brighton house had been broken in to overnight - and terrifyingly, her brother heard the intruder but mistakenly thought it was a family member.

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 star Saffron Barker has revealed that her family home was ransacked last night by burglars while her family slept in their beds. The 19-year-old, who has been in London and Blackpool performing with AJ Pritchard, revealed the shocking turn of events on her YouTube channel.

Saffron Barker's family home was raided in the middle of the night
Saffron Barker's family home was raided in the middle of the night. Picture: Saffron Barker

She told followers: "It's been a very stressful morning.

"My dad woke up this morning like he usually would, went to go outside and go to work and realised that all our cars were gone.

"So basically our cars have been stolen, we got broken into last night and stuff inside our house was taken, like handbags and shoes as well.

"I was so upset this morning and obviously still am, but luckily we're all safe and that's what's most important.

Saffron continued: "This stuff can be replaced, but it is horrible knowing that someone's come into your house while you're sleeping."

She also revealed that she had an incline that someone had come into the property - which is in Brighton - and that her brother Jed was even woken up by one of them early in the morning, mistakingly believing it was one of his family members lurking around his bedroom.

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She said: "We know exactly what time it happened last night because Jed heard somebody in his room at 3am and just thought it was us.

"He said he saw flashing lights and stuff but was half asleep so he genuinely thought it was just us."

Saffron explained that the clip where she was talking about the burglary had been recorded a few days ago but that police are now investigating.

On Sunday night, Saffron narrowly avoided the Strictly axe - with Michelle Visage leaving the show after the dance-off instead.

Strictly Come Dancing is next on at 7pm on BBC One.

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