Who killed Harry in Finding Alice?

21 January 2021, 14:59

Finding Alice viewers are convinced Harry was killed
Finding Alice viewers are convinced Harry was killed. Picture: ITV

Did Finding Alice's Harry fall down the stairs or was he pushed?

**Warning Finding Alice spoilers below**

It’s safe to say we’re already hooked on new drama Finding Alice.

The six-part series follows Alice (played by Keeley Hawes) who finds her husband Harry dead at the bottom of the stairs one night after moving into their dream house.

And in an unexpected move, ITV has already uploaded the whole season to the Hub, meaning many viewers already know what happens in the end.

So, what really happened to Alice's husband Harry and did he fall or was he pushed down the stairs?

Finding Alice is on ITV this January
Finding Alice is on ITV this January. Picture: ITV

Who killed Harry in Finding Alice?

After Alice reports her husband’s death, she becomes the prime suspect for pushing him.

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While the police spot the CCTV pointing directly into the house, Alice tells them the cameras weren’t turned on so the inspectors initially rule Harry's death as accidental.

However, things take a strange turn when the post-mortem reveals he had bruises on his upper arms.

Police then turn their attention to Alice and Harry’s daughter Charlotte, as well as Harry's business associate Tanvi and his sister Nicola.

Finding Alice | This January | ITV

But after they are ruled out through lack of evidence, a man shows up claiming to be Harry's son George.

It then emerges that George only recently discovered Harry was his dad and went to his house on the night of his death to talk to him.

Alice and Charlotte then realise the CCTV was working and spot a man standing on the stairs with Harry.

When Alice confronts him, he says that Harry ‘lost his footing’ while they were talking so he panicked and ran away.

But as teenager Charlotte looks back at the footage caught by the cameras again, she spots that George was recording what happened on his phone.

George turns up in Finding Alice, claiming to be Harry's son
George turns up in Finding Alice, claiming to be Harry's son. Picture: ITV

When Alice steals George’s phone she listens to the voice recording which proves the father and son had a huge row before Harry’s death.

George can be heard threatening his dad before he is heard falling.

Unfortunately, viewers don’t get to the bottom of the crime as the series ends with George hacking into the smart house so he can watch Alice and Charlotte.

It looks like ITV is setting up for a second series, where we might finally find out what really happened to Harry.

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