Why is Gogglebox not on tonight and when will it back?

28 May 2021, 16:25

When is Gogglebox back?
When is Gogglebox back? Picture: Channel 4/Twitter

Why is Gogglebox not on tonight and has it finished?

It’s fair to say the Gogglebox families helped get us through Friday evenings, with the likes of The Malones and Giles and Mary making us howl with laughter every Friday night.

But the Channel 4 show recently went off air to make way for the celebrity version, and to give the stars of the show a break from filming.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long until our favourite Goggleboxers are back on our screens for a brand new series.

So, when is Gogglebox back on Channel 4? Here’s what we know...

Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox will be back on our screens
Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox will be back on our screens. Picture: Channel 4

Why is Gogglebox not on?

Gogglebox is currently taking a break from filming, with the celebrity version due to air in June.

Announcing the series was coming to an end, Jenny, 64, told her Instagram followers that she was heading back home after living with Lee, 51.

When Lee wished everyone a ‘happy Friday’, Jenny replied it was a ‘sad Friday’ because it meant she was moving out of Lee’s caravan.

Lee then said: “Oh yeah it’s our last filming week this week so we are filming today.”

Jenny then revealed: "I'm going home soon," as Lee pretended to celebrate.

The caption alongside the funny video reads: "Have a great Friday everyone last week of filming for us of series 17 ".

Celebrity Gogglebox issues an apology to Eamonn Holmes

When is Gogglebox back?

It has not been confirmed when Gogglebox will be back on our screens, but the new series of Celebrity Gogglebox starts on Channel 4 and All 4 on Friday, June 4 at 9pm.

Lorraine Kelly recently confirmed she would be joining the show with her daughter Rosie.

Speaking about the snack options on offer, the 61-year-old said: "I want Salt and Vinegar crisps,", before adding: ”Clothing wise you just want to be in something comfy.

"Who would have thought about a show about us watching TV would be so entertaining. But it works so so so well."

Meanwhile, those confirmed to be returning include Denise Van Outen and her partner Eddie and Shaun Ryder and Bez from the Happy Mondays.

ITV presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford will also be back, as well as Love Island's Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling, and Ackley Bridge star Sunetra Sarker and Coronation Street's Georgia Taylor.

Boxing pro Chris Eubank Sr and his son Chris Eubank Jr are also set to return to Celebrity Gogglebox.