You can now get a 40,000 piece Disney puzzle that's perfect for lockdown

20 April 2020, 10:51 | Updated: 20 April 2020, 11:08

You can buy a 40,000 piece Disney puzzle
You can buy a 40,000 piece Disney puzzle. Picture: Disney/Getty Images/Ravensburger

This huge Disney jigsaw puzzle will keep you entertained for hours on end.

If you want to give the group pub quiz a break and are looking for something else to do during lockdown, this 40,000 piece Disney puzzle could be the answer.

But while your average jigsaw might keep you busy for a few days, the gigantic puzzle designed by Ravensburger has the potential to take you right into 2021.

Sold by Jigsaw Puzzles Direct, it features ten hand-drawn scenes from some of your favourite iconic Disney films.

The Ravenburger Puzzle costs £295
The Ravenburger Puzzle costs £295. Picture: Ravenburger

These include Snow White, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

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As well as that, each scene is framed by a strip including the movie's year of release and additional scenes from each film.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you entertained, you’ll also be tasked with finding a Mickey Mouse symbol which is hidden in each of the ten scenes.

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While there are instructions and helpful hints for assembling the masterpiece, you’ll need some floor space to recreate it as the 40,000 cardboard jigsaw puzzle measures 680 x 192cm when complete.

But it could be a hefty investment as it costs a whopping £295.00. It is also available on Amazon, with a similar version based on Mickey Mouse.

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However, if you’re not ready to commit hours of your life to 40,000 pieces, they also sell smaller jigsaws including a Collector's Edition Lion King with 1000 pieces for £49.99.

A Wicked Women 1000pc puzzle is also available for around £13.

Kodak is selling the world's largest puzzle
Kodak is selling the world's largest puzzle. Picture: Kodak

And if Disney isn’t your thing, Kodak is selling the world's largest puzzle based on pictures of landmarks from around the world, including the Eiffel Tower and London Bridge.

The puzzle has a total of 51,300 pieces in it, weighs a massive 18.5kg and covers 16.47 square metres when completed.

It's made up of 27 individual puzzles that all then fit together to complete the masterpiece.

These 27 individual puzzles alone are made up of 1,900 pieces.

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