Lonely mum launches app to help breastfeeding women feel less isolated during the night

24 September 2019, 15:09

Woman launches game-changing app to help new mums who get lonely at night.
Woman launches game-changing app to help new mums who get lonely at night. Picture: Getty / The Night Feed / Instagram

Model and lifestyle blogger Ruth Crilly tells exhausted new mums it's "a sanctuary for the sleep-deprived".

A woman has launched a brand new app that helps mums reach out to one another during those long and isolating nights with their newborns.

Former supermodel and lifestyle influencer Ruth Crilly created the comforting platform for breastfeeding mothers who lie awake during the small hours with no one else but their hungry babies for company.

The digital platform, named The Night Feed, offers help and advice to new mums, but also acts as a place for lonely women to connect during those difficult times.

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As well as the chance to chat online through messages, comments and questions, the app includes exclusive content from the popular blogger herself, as well as information from paediatricians, Q&As with midwives and breastfeeding-friendly fashion.

It also boasts a feeding tracker, which allows mums to log the time and length of each feed – as well as how much milk was given.

Along with health articles, there are tons of sleep sounds to help soothe babies and exhausted mums, too.

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Speaking of the concept behind her innovative new app, Ruth explained: "The idea for The Night Feed came to me when I was feeding my second baby through the night, which is now over two years ago.

"I found my second baby harder; I felt more alone and isolated, I was more tired and I really struggled to stay awake throughout the feeds.

"I longed for somewhere to go through the night, where there would be people just like me – knackered and overwhelmed but still retaining a sense of humour."

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She added: "I wanted to chat with them, share my experiences with them and know I wasn’t alone.

"From here The Night Feed was born, and I hope we can call together all the people who are lost in the darkness and help them find the light."

The app, which has already hit the number one spot in the App Store's Lifestyle chart, is available to download here.