Alesha Dixon children’s ages and names revealed

11 April 2020, 18:00 | Updated: 11 April 2020, 18:01

Alesha Dixon has two children
Alesha Dixon has two children. Picture: Instagram

How many children does Alesha Dixon have? How old are they and what are their names? Here's everything you need to know...

Britain’s Got Talent is back, which means we get to hear Alesha Dixon’s infectious laugh on our TV screens once more.

Alongside Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell and David Walliams, the 41-year-old will be judging the best talent the UK has to offer

But aside from her TV career, Alesha is a mum and wife to professional dancer Azuka Ononye - but how many children do they have? Find out everything…

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How many children does Alesha Dixon have and what are their names?

Alesha Dixon has two children - seven-month-old Anaya Safiya, and six-year-old Azura Sienna Ononye.

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The former Mis-teeq star kept both her pregnancy journeys a secret, choosing to announce the arrival of her youngest seven weeks after she was born.

She picked her 41st birthday on October 7th 2019 to introduce Anaya to the rest of the world with an Instagram picture.

She wrote alongside it: “7 weeks ago this little angel came into our lives! As I celebrate my birthday today I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.”

The pregnancy was announced during Ant and Dec’s opening musical number as the Britain’s Got Talent live shows kicked off last year, during which they sang the lyrics ‘Alesha is expecting’.

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Alesha also confirmed the birth Azura on her 35th birthday back in 2014.

In a recent podcast appearance, Alesha revealed why she decided to keep the pregnancies private from everyone.

She told the Happy Mum Happy Life podcast: "I think that at the time the thinking was because Azuka and I had been together for a long time I hadn't put it out and it wasn't that we were hiding from any particular reason."

Alesha Dixon confirms that she's pregnant live on Britain's Got Talent

The pair's relationship wasn't public when she found out she was pregnant with Azura in 2013, so she was hesitant to tell the world.

"So, the first thing was, well no one even knows we're in a relationship and now I’m pregnant…

"How are we going to get around this? We’ll just hide it."

She continued: "I don’t want to say 'I’m pregnant' when people don’t even know I’m in a relationship and then distract from the show and, in my mind, I was like let’s just finish the show so that it can have its moment without any pregnancy malarkey and then we can announce that we’re pregnant.

"And that’s pretty much what we did. The live show wrapped and I went down to Cornwall with my family, told all of them."

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