Jeff Brazier’s 17-year-old son Bobby jokingly asks fans for money saying he has ‘£200 rent to pay’

28 August 2020, 08:08 | Updated: 28 August 2020, 08:21

Bobby Brazier has pleaded for money, saying he 'has rent to pay'
Bobby Brazier has pleaded for money, saying he 'has rent to pay'. Picture: Instagram/TikTok

Bobby Brazier has pleaded for someone to send him £5 on social media.

Jeff Brazier’s eldest son has jokingly asked his fans to ‘lend him a fiver’ on TikTok after claiming he has rent to pay.

In the short clip, the 17-year-old can be seen dancing around his kitchen while eating some food.

The text alongside it reads: "I pay rent to live in my own family's house before I'm 18.

"And it's the end of the month and i can't afford it. My driving lessons, data, and lifts to the station are gonna stop."

As he could be seen running to the station in the rain laughing to himself, he added: "Wish me luck or send me a fiver".

The caption reads: "Living at mine ain’t worth £200 a month. #fyp any sexy cougars that have an extra bit of dough?"

Bobby also reportedly shared another funny video earlier in the day.

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According to The Sun, the now-deleted clip saw Bobby ask: "I’ve got rent to pay in 3 days and it ain’t happening 😂

"If there's a god out there, will you PayPal me."

He then added: "Someone swing me a fiver."

Jeff Brazier talks about what he is grateful for

When a fan asked if he could borrow money from his family, Bobby jokingly replied: "Wish I could, my friend, but I have to pay rent to live in my own house and I'm 17, LIBERTY mate."

This comes after 41-year-old Jeff treated Bobby and his youngest son Freddie, 15, to a family trip to Cornwall earlier this month.

Jeff - who shares his two boys with the late Jade Goody - posted a sweet selfie of his family on Instagram, saying he was grateful to get to spend time with his kids.

He wrote: “Just sharing some holiday snaps taken over the last few days in Cornwall.

Jeff Brazier and his son Bobby
Jeff Brazier and his son Bobby. Picture: Instagram

“Braving it with two teenagers was a potential risk to my general sanity but we made some incredible memories and considering they almost cried when I told them I was taking them away for a few days, I know next time I say we’re off in the transporter they’d have their bags packed in minutes.

“Maybe it’s this sort of trip that I can rely on to always bring us together and keep creating those special times regardless of what age they are. I’m no camping expert but I’ve learned a lot over the past few days and I’m personally chomping to plan the next one.”

TV star Jeff is now married to wife Kate Dwyer.

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