Katie Piper says she is “relaxed” about her many surgeries as they have become “normal” following acid attack 11 years ago

15 March 2019, 08:40

Katie Piper has said that surgeries have become "normal"
Katie Piper has said that surgeries have become "normal". Picture: Instagram/Katie Piper
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Katie Piper revealed how having surgery has become “normal” following her horrific acid attack in 2008.

Katie Piper has said that she’s “relaxed” about having surgery.

The philanthropist, television presenter and former model, 35, was attacked with acid by her ex-boyfriend and an accomplice back in 2008.

The horrific attack left Katie with facial damage as well as blindness in one eye.

The attack left the mother of two needing multiple surgeries which continue to this day.

Talking to Heart London Breakfast, Katie spoke about her most recent surgery, which she underwent in Pakistan.

She said: “It was good, nothing went wrong. I was there with my original doctor because that’s where he is from.

Katie Piper recently underwent another surgery
Katie Piper recently underwent another surgery. Picture: PA

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“It was good – should I say it was good? It was ok.”

Katie went on to admit that she’s “relaxed” about having surgery, because it has become “normal” for her.

Speaking about how she will continue to have surgery throughout her life, Katie said: “I think that’s why I’m relaxed about it, because it’s become a bit normal really.”

She added: “I feel really fortunate to have access to medical care, because lots of people around the world don’t.

“My mum is my hospital buddy, she’s never missed an operation.”

Katie has recently teamed up with her mother, Diane Piper, for a new book, Things I’d Tell My Child, which is out now.

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