Kerry Katona hits back after she’s criticised for promoting weight loss injections with underwear selfie

13 January 2020, 08:36 | Updated: 13 January 2020, 08:47

Kerry Katona has shown off her ripped abs
Kerry Katona has shown off her ripped abs. Picture: Instagram

Kerry Katona has urged her fans to “be kinder” after she was criticised for promoting weight loss injections.

She’s very open on social media, and now Kerry Katona has hit back at her haters with a fiery Instagram post.

The reality star shared an underwear photo over the weekend, showing off her impressive abs.

Posing backstage at panto, the 39-year-old admitted she's "never felt more in control of herself", and credited it to weight loss injections, Skinny Jab.

She wrote: “Got to say Credit where credit is due I’ve kept my word to myself to stay in shape, quit smoking and just in General have a healthier lifestyle not just for the Benefits of losing weight and keeping it off but even more so for my state of mind.

“I have never ever felt more on top and in control of myself, my emotions, my decisions and my over all wellbeing!”

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Before adding: “With a huge help from @skinnyjab which gave me that kick up the arse and from @ryanmahoney_7 who is just one in a million 😘❤️🙏”

After her post was criticised for promoting weight loss injections, Kerry - who is currently performing as evil Carabose in Sleeping Beauty the panto - was quick to hit back with another photo.

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Sharing an article which was written about her, the mum-of-five said: “Come on people it’s a new year a new start.... everyone is entitled to an opinion but then there’s just bl**** damn right rude!

“Honestly this doesn’t bother me as it’s not my business what other people think about me I know who I am and I’m bl**** proud of myself but I know how name calling, bulling trolling can effect others with mental health.”

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In the 2nd show of 3 today!!! Xxxxx

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She went on to say: “I really want us all to come together and just try and be kinder to each!! For all us parents out there do we not want to set an example on how we treat others? now is the time to stand together and try and teach others how to be kind ❤️❤️🙏😘 Lets make 2020 count!!”

This comes after Kerry recently hit out at This Morning for calling her ‘irresponsible’ for promoting the products on social media.

Host Holly Willoughby 38, said: “Could an injection a day help melt the kilos away? That’s what Kerry Katona and Gemma Collins would have you believe after promoting the use of slimming jabs.”

Dr Zoe Williams then added: “I personally think it’s really irresponsible and dangerous, because they’re making it out you can lose magnificent amounts of weight using this drug, but the truth is you can’t.”

Kerry was quick to hit back, telling The Sun: “I think it’s very unfair they didn’t have any of us on there. I’m not promoting this just for a pay cheque.

“Of course I get paid, but I also use the product. There are celebrities out there that would promote something and not use the product. I need to know if it works – and it worked for me.”

The Skinnyjab injections has been endorsed by many celebrities including the former Atomic Kitten singer and Gemma Collins.

They work by by making you less hungry by regulating blood sugar levels and cost £250 for the first jab and £135 for top-ups.

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