Mrs Hinch faces backlash for 'using cleaning products that could damage her unborn baby'

29 January 2019, 11:46 | Updated: 21 February 2019, 12:47

Pregnant Mrs Hinch has been targeted by trolls for her choice of cleaning products
Pregnant Mrs Hinch (pictured recently on This Morning) has been targeted by trolls for her choice of cleaning products. Picture: ITV

The cleaning guru was targeted by vile trolls on one of her Instagram posts

Mrs Hinch has faced backlash on Instagram for using cleaning products some have claimed could harm her unborn child.

Sophie Hinchliffe, 28, who announced her pregnancy in December, posted a seemingly innocent photo of the cleaning products she uses on Instagram.

And many commentators were quick to comment not only on whether they were suitable for pregnant women, but also question their environmental impact.

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One wrote: "Do you think you'll switch to baby safe products?"

Another added: The amount of plastic and all those chemicals going down the drain.

"It can affect water we drink, oceans, even her unborn baby.

"But I guess it’s all about the #Instafame and not conscious shopping."

A third said: "So many harmful chemicals and a huge amount of non-recyclable plastic.

"My home is as clean as yours but I use natural cleaners.

"No artificial scents - just essential oil (nebulised), real flowers and plants.... you're free to do as you want, of course. But there is another way!"

Another wrote: "stop spraying so much chemical c**p whilst you’re preggas, not good for bambino... love ya posts though."

Speaking about whether cleaning products are bad for mums-to-be, a chemist confirmed to The Sun Online: “On the whole, it is safe to use most cleaning products, even bleach, while pregnant.

"[However], there are certainly guidelines that should be considered when using products whilst expecting.

"Some products, such as aerosol-based items and strong chemically-centric products such as oven cleaners do carry with them an extra risk."

Mrs Finch announced on Instagram last weekend that she was expecting a boy, writing: "Our Mini Hinch .. Our Darling Boy 💙".

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Our Mini Hinch .. Our Darling Boy 💙

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