Olly Murs praised after climbing off stage to check on fan who had a seizure during his gig

31 August 2021, 06:47 | Updated: 31 August 2021, 08:12

Olly Murs was praised by his fans
Olly Murs was praised by his fans. Picture: Getty Images/Twitter

Olly Murs paused his show to check on a young fan after she had a seizure.

Fans have said Olly Murs has a ‘heart of gold’ after he checked on a girl who had a seizure during his gig.

The singer was performing over the weekend in Colchester as part of his summer 2021 UK tour.

Unfortunately, one of his fans had a seizure during the show and Olly stopped the show to climb off stage to see if she was okay.

Olly Murs is currently on tour
Olly Murs is currently on tour. Picture: Getty Images

The girl's mum took to Twitter to thank the 37-year-old for his kindness, writing: "@ollymurs thank you for coming down off the stage to talk to my daughter after she had a seizure tonight.

“You really are so kind and you made her night xx."

Olly shared the post and commented: "Oh god I hope she is ok!! Do send her my love x."

The woman then responded: “​​Olly I honestly can not thank you enough for what you did! You really turned an awful scary situation around and made her smile.

“Not many artists would do that and I honestly can't put into words how much it meant to us both. Thanks so much for your message also. Xx”

She later added she was ‘still in shock’ that Olly paused the whole show to make sure she was OK.”

Other fans were quick to comment on the post, with one writing: “What an absolute gentleman! Olly you are a wonderful human being”.

Another replied: "You have a heart of absolute gold and testament to why you’re still doing what you do best after 11 years."

A third added: “Such an amazing guy, you truly are something special. The way you show care for your fans during a scary time just shows why you are loved so much and are still in the career you love.”

This comes after Olly suffered an injury on stage and was forced to have surgery on his knee earlier this month.

Olly Murs gives update from hospital bed after knee injury

The star took to his Instagram page at the beginning of August to tell fans he was left limping after he landed badly following a jump on stage.

Speaking from a hospital bed while wearing a gown, Olly explained: "Basically, after my second song, a fragment of bone that was in my knee managed - after I jumped - to lodge itself on the back of my knee, which basically shut my leg down.

“During the gig I was just limping the whole time, I couldn't believe it. So, basically I'm in, I've had the surgery."

He went on to say that he wanted to get the surgery done as soon as possible si he could return to the stage on the 14th and 15th of August.

"I wanted to do this for you guys,” he said, continuing: “It will be a different gig, I probably won’t be running around like I normally do.

"There might be a stool for me to sit down on but I can't cancel these gigs."

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