Who plays Justine Littlewood in Tracy Beaker? Get to know Montanna Thompson

12 February 2021, 16:30 | Updated: 12 February 2021, 18:53

Your need-to-know on My Mum Tracy Beaker star Montanna Thompson: including age, Instagram and net worth.

The Tracy Beaker reboot is *finally* arriving to our screens this Friday, and we cannot wait to relive our favourite childhood show.

My Mum Tracy Beaker will see Dani Harmer return as the title character, who is now a single mum to a nine-year-old daughter named Jess.

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The official BBC synopsis reads: "Jess Beaker loves her life with her mum Tracy, until famous footballer Sean Godfrey enters the picture!"

One of the original characters returning is Tracy's arch-nemesis Justine Littlewood, who lived with Tracy in the 'Dumping Ground', and now works as an estate agent.

She is played by actor Montanna Thompson, who was cast in the role back in 2002.

Here's your need-to-know on her.

Montanna has played Justine Littlewood since 2002
Montanna has played Justine Littlewood since 2002. Picture: BBC

Who is Montanna Thompson? What's her age and background?

Montanna, 32, is an actress from London.

She was cast as Justine Littlewood in CBBC's The Story of Tracy Beaker, and reprised the role in Tracy Beaker returns in 2012.

Montanna will also star in My Mum Tracy Beaker.

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Justine was Tracy's enemy at the Dumping Ground
Justine was Tracy's enemy at the Dumping Ground. Picture: BBC

What else has Montanna Thompson been in?

As well as Tracy Beaker, she has also appeared in Channel 4's Dates (2013), The Bill, and The Trials of Jimmy Rose.

Is Montanna Thompson on Instagram?

Montanna doesn't seem to be on Instagram, but you can follow her on Twitter @TannaOfficial.

What is Montanna Thompson's net worth?

It is not known what her exact net worth is, but Net Worth Post reports that it's around $2 million (around £1.5 million).

Montanna is reprising her role in My Mum Tracy Beaker
Montanna is reprising her role in My Mum Tracy Beaker. Picture: CBBC

What will happen with Justine in My Mum Tracy Beaker?

Currently, we don't know what Justine's storyline will be in the show - but a teaser trailer shows Tracy and daughter Jess walking into their kitchen and seeing Justine drinking a glass of red wine.

In the clip, Jess says: "Are you Justine Littlewood?", to which Justine replies: "You've told her about me?"

When Tracy says: "Oh yeah", Justine replies: "I deny everything".

Speaking about Justine in the new show, Montanna told the BBC: "She's more ambitious than ever... and ambitious is a kind word! Now, I actually think she was more obsessed with Tracy than she let on. Justine’s quite jealous of Tracy and wants what Tracy has. I even think Justine's a bit meaner this time around, she takes it a bit far."

When is My Mum Tracy Beaker on CBBC?

The three-part series will air on Friday 12 February at 5pm, with the second and third episode following on Saturday and Sunday at the same time.


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