Pink: Singer's real name, daughter Willow and marriage to husband Carey Grant revealed

25 October 2018, 13:01 | Updated: 25 October 2018, 14:30

Pink and her family portrait with husband and kids
Pink and her family are very cute on Instagram. Picture: Instagram @pink

Pink's version of A Million Dreams with daughter Willow has gone viral but how old is she? Who is Willow's dad and what is the singer's real name? Here family life away from the spotlight revealed.

Pink has released two versions of the Greatest Showman track A Million Dreams for the upcoming Greatest Showman Reimagined cover album.

The adorable clip shows Pink's daughter Willow singing for the first time, but what else do fans want to know about the 'Like A Pill' singer's private life?

Here are your questions answered from her children to her husband:

How old is Pink's daughter?

Pink's daughter's full name is Willow Sage Hart and she is 7-years-old.

She was born in June 2011 and is Pink's first child with her husband, motocross race star Carey Hart.

Pink and Hart also have a son, Jameson Moon, who was born in December 2016 and is the couple's second child.

Who is Pink's husband?

Pink is married to motocross racer Carey Hart.

The pair met at the X Games in Philadelphia back in 2001 and Pink proposed to him during one of his races in 2005.

She wrote "Will you marry me? I'm serious!" on a board and held it up as he passed on his motorbike. He said yes and then went on to complete the race.

The pair tied the knot in Costa Rica in 2006.

They briefly separated in 2008 before rekindling their relationship in 2010 ahead of the birth of their children.

What is Pink's real name?

The singer we all know and love as Pink - commonly spelt P!NK! - unsurprisingly has a different name on her birth certificate.

She was born Alecia Beth Moore and adopted the moniker Pink at the young age of 14 when performing in her home city of Philadelphia.

She cites the Reservoir Dogs character 'Mr Pink' as inspiration for the stage name.