Line of Duty unanswered questions: The loose ends we still need tying up after the season 6 finale

5 May 2021, 10:56 | Updated: 5 May 2021, 11:06

There are still so many questions we have about Line of Duty
There are still so many questions we have about Line of Duty. Picture: BBC
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Will Buckell's be allowed to walk free and is Carmichael actually a bent copper? We still have SO many Line of Duty questions...

**Warning Line of Duty season 6 spoilers below**

The final episode of Line of Duty was watched by a whopping 12.8 million viewers at the weekend.

After ten years of waiting, writer Jed Mercurio finally revealed that Ian Buckells is The Fourth Person.

Jo Davidson, played by Kelly Macdonald, also entered witness protection, while Terry Boyle was finally let out of prison.

But with reports season 6 could be the last instalment of Line of Duty, we still have SO many questions…

Line of Duty | Series 6 Finale Trailer

1. What is Philip Osborne’s involvement in police corruption?

While we’re pretty sure Chief Constable Osborne (Owen Teale) had a part to play in covering up police corruption, his exact involvement was never revealed.

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It looks like he managed to get away with Gail Vella’s murder, but exactly how complicit he was in all the other scandals AC-12 were investigating?

Ian Buckells could be let off in Line of Duty
Ian Buckells could be let off in Line of Duty. Picture: BBC

2. What happens to Ian Buckells?

Here’s the big one, will ‘H’ Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyle) get away with his part to play in organised crime.

In the finale episode it’s revealed the police submitted an application for 'public-interest immunity' for Buckells.

This would mean any evidence relating to his corruption wouldn’t be heard at court and all Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Ted Hasting’s (Adrian Dunbar) hard work would be wasted.

3. Why did Ted Hastings spell 'definitely' wrong?

Line of Duty fans will know that in season five, Hastings used the spelling "definately".

He explained he misspelled the word after researching the way ‘H’ spells it, but this led some viewers to suspect he could actually be The Fourth Person himself.

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4. Will Carmicheal shut down AC-12 altogether?

We’re still pretty suspicious about DS Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) TBH.

While she didn’t appear much in the season finale, she still clearly doesn’t believe there is any institutionalised corruption within the force.

What's more, there seemed to be a moment of understanding between Carmichael and her nemesis Hastings right at the end.

Will she join forces with AC-12, or is she trying to cover something up like her boss CC Osborne?

5. Is Ted Hastings set to retire?

While Carmichael was determined to push Ted out, the head of AC-12 said he’ll be lodging an appeal against his enforced early retirement.

Ted Hastings could be forced to leave AC-12
Ted Hastings could be forced to leave AC-12. Picture: BBC

This could mean that we see him back in a uniform if there is another series.

However, Ted did admit to informing Lee Banks (Alastair Natkiel) about a leak in the OCG which caused John Corbett’s (Steven Graham) death in series 5.

Will he be prosecuted? Or will he be allowed to continue as the Gaffer?

6. What is going on with Steve Arnott?

Steve Arnott had a pretty rough season, after his reliance on heavy doses of prescription painkillers was revealed.

While it seems like Arnott’s finally getting support from professionals and his best mate Kate Fleming, his future at AC-12 is unclear.

Then there’s Steve’s questionable relationship with Steph Corbett (Amy De Bhrún) which was also left on a cliffhanger.

7. Will there be a series seven of Line of Duty?

Jed Mercurio hasn’t confirmed whether there will be another series of Line of Duty.

But BBC bosses have hinted this won’t be the last we see of AC-12.

Charlotte Moore, chief content officer, said: “Addictive event television, Line of Duty has kept the nation guessing for the last seven weeks, so it’s no surprise that last night’s jaw-dropping finale set a ratings record.

“Jed Mercurio is a master of his craft, and I would like to congratulate him and the entire cast and crew for delivering such an incredible drama series.

“I’m looking forward to having a conversation with the team about where we go next and what the future of the series might be.”

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