Married at First Sight UK 2022: Are any of the couples still together?

25 August 2022, 14:19

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Where are the Married at First Sight UK 2022 couples now? Here's what we know...

Married at First Sight UK is finally back on our screens and we couldn’t be more excited.

This time, 16 new singletons are heading down the aisle for a brand new, ‘bigger and bolder’ series.

Not like any other dating show, their search for love and a happy-ever-after will lead them to saying “I do” to a complete stranger, who they’ll meet for the first time on their wedding day.

But are any of the MAFS UK couples still together? Here’s what we know…

Married at First Sight UK cast 2022
Married at First Sight UK cast 2022. Picture: Channel 4

Are any of the MAFS UK 2022 couples still together?

We don’t know much about the MAFS UK 2022 couples yet and the bosses at E4 like to keep all the outcomes of the show top secret.

In fact, the cast members don’t follow each other on Instagram - not even their own partners.

Former MAFS star Nikita Jasmine previously revealed exactly why, telling her Instagram followers: “None of the cast can follow each other until after the show has ended, it’s in the contract.

Whitney is a MAFS UK 2022 cast member
Whitney is a MAFS UK 2022 cast member. Picture: Channel 4

“A lot of drama happens on the show as you all already know, it was pre-recorded so it wouldn’t make much sense if we all began to follow each other now.”

She also revealed the show was recorded around six months ago, so all the contestants have to resist commenting on each other’s social media posts to stop any spoilers.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Owen from 2020’s series previously told us about the very lengthy audition process and ban on wedding photos.

Speaking to us exclusively at, Michelle revealed contestants had to go to a ‘single’s day’ after applying.

Adrian has joined the Married at First Sight UK cast
Adrian has joined the Married at First Sight UK cast. Picture: Channel 4

“You started off by sending in an application video online,” she told us, continuing: "And then you have a couple of phone calls with a producer from the show, where they get to know you a bit better.

“After that you get invited to the ‘single’s day’, where you meet the experts. Then if they think they have a good match for you, the experts do some more digging, they spoke to my family and friends (they even called Owen’s ex-girlfriend)!”

Owen went on to say he ‘didn’t expect’ the amount of detail the process involved, as he explained he was quizzed 'for hours', while his friends and family were also interviewed.