Ross from The Traitors: Age, job and famous brother revealed

9 January 2024, 13:06 | Updated: 9 January 2024, 13:09

Ross from The Traitors wearing his glasses and necklace
Ross from The Traitors has become one of the more popular contestants in season 2. Picture: BBC

By Hope Wilson

How old is Ross from The Traitors, what is his job and who is his famous brother? Here are all the answers as we get to know him more in the series.

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The Traitors is back and better than ever with host Claudia Winkleman bringing us 22 contestant in a bid to win the jackpot prize after a jam-packed series of banishments and murders.

And one of the contestants that has captured viewers attention this year is Ross, particularly after it was revealed he was on the show with his mum.

So as we watch the series unfold, here's a closer look at Ross and his life away from The Traitors including his job and age.

There's also a famous brother you need to know about. Here's all the details.

Ross is one of the contestants on The Traitors
Ross is a faithful on season 2 of The Traitors. Picture: BBC

How old is Ross from The Traitors?

Ross from The Traitors is 28-years-old.

Speaking ahead of taking part in the show, Ross confessed what kind of gameplayer he would be.

The contestant told the BBC: "I’d befriend everyone. I’d try and charm everyone and try and get their secrets from them, that’s the whole thing, isn't it?"

Ross addressing the camera in the Traitors
Ross has been enjoying playing the game, especially with a secret . Picture: BBC

What is Ross from The Traitors job?

Ross from The Traitors is a Video Director.

When asked what he would do with the prize money, Ross said: "If I won, I don’t actually know. Maybe a mini holiday and then save up for a house? A bit boring, well the holiday isn’t, but you know, all the adult stuff."

Ross in a white t-shirt in the Traitors banishment room
Ross took time from his job as a video director to film The Traitors. Picture: BBC

Who is Ross from The Traitors brother?

Ross from The Traitors brother is Game of Thrones actor Kerr Logan.

It was also revealed in the third episode of The Traitors that Ross's fellow contestant Diane, was his mum.

Taking to X, formally known as Twitter, Kerr revealed his mother was taking part in the show, writing: "My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. She’s bonkers. I’m scared."

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