Too Hot To Handle contestant ages: how old are the cast of the Netflix show?

3 July 2021, 17:25

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Find out how old the contestants of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle are: Harry, Frankie, Rhonda, Sharron and more.

If you haven't already binged every single episode of Too Hot To Handle, you can bet it's about to become your newest Netflix obsession.

The dating show is a bit like Love Island - a bunch of singletons gather in a swanky villa hoping to find love - but there's a huge twist.

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Too Hot To Handle is available to stream on Netflix
Too Hot To Handle is available to stream on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

None of the cast are allowed to have sex, kiss or be intimate in any way. If they do, they risk slashing the $100,000 prize money.

The singletons - who are described as 'commitment-phobe' were told they couldn't be intimate after just one day in the villa, with a smart speaker telling them "There are conditions to your stay here: no kissing or sex of any kind.

Find out more about the Too Hot To Handle cast, their jobs and ages below:

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Harry Jowsey age

Harry Jowsey is 22
Harry Jowsey is 22. Picture: Instagram

Harry Jowsey, 22, is a YouTube star and clothing business owner from Australia, who is currently living in LA. He got together with Francesca Farago on the show, with the pair recently confirming they're still together.

Francesca Farago age

Francesca Farago is 26
Francesca Farago is 26. Picture: Instagram

Francesca Farago, 26, is a travel influencer from Canada. She is currently loved up with beau Harry.

Rhonda Paul age

Rhonda is 27 years old
Rhonda is 27 years old. Picture: Instagram

Rhonda Paul, 27, is a model from Atlanta, Georgia.

Sharron Townsend age

Sharron is 25 years old
Sharron is 25 years old. Picture: Netflix

Sharron, 25, is a personal trainer from New Jersey. He and Rhonda got together during the show, but the pair have since split, citing distance as the reason.

David Birtwistle age

David is 28 years old
David is 28 years old. Picture: Instagram

David, 28, is a former semi-pro rugby player from London.

Matthew 'Jesus' Smith age

Matthew Smith is 29 years old
Matthew Smith is 29 years old. Picture: Instagram

Matthew - affectionately known as 'Jesus' in the house - is a 29-year-old model and actor who once appeared on America's Next Top Model.

Haley Cureton age

Haley Cureton is 20 years old
Haley Cureton is 20 years old. Picture: Instagram

Haley, 22, is a student from Florida.

Kelz age

How old is Kelz from Too Hot To Handle?
How old is Kelz from Too Hot To Handle? Picture: Netflix

Kelz, 27, is a senior recruitment consultant from London.

Chloe Veitch age

Chloe is 21 years old
Chloe is 21 years old. Picture: Instagram

Chloe, 21, is a model and estate agent from Essex.

Nicole O'Brien age

Nicole is 23 years old
Nicole is 23 years old. Picture: Instagram

Nicole, 23, from Cork, Ireland, works for a luxury yacht company - and has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

Bryce Hirschberg age

Bryce, 30, is a writer, producer and actor from LA. He and Nicole are said to be dating.

Lydia Clyma age

Lydia Clyma is 22 years old
Lydia Clyma is 22 years old. Picture: Instagram

Lydia, 22, is a social media & TV presenter from London.

Kori Sampson age

Kori is 22 years old
Kori is 22 years old. Picture: Instagram

Kori, 22, is a model from Plymouth.


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