When was Netflix's Too Hot To Handle filmed?

1 May 2020, 16:01 | Updated: 1 May 2020, 16:11

Too Hot To Handle is available to stream on Netflix now
Too Hot To Handle is available to stream on Netflix now. Picture: Netflix
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The popular Netflix dating show has everyone hooked, but when was it filmed.

Everyone is absolutely obsessed with Neflix's brand new dating show, Too Hot To Handle.

It involves a group of sexy strangers thrown together into a luxurious villa with the prospect of finding love... sound familiar?

Many are comparing the eight-episode show to ITV's Love Island, and it's been entertaining everyone in lockdown, with many complaining that the biggest crime of the show is that it isn't long enough and needed way more episodes.

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The show has attracted endless viewers already
The show has attracted endless viewers already. Picture: Netflix

However, unlike Love Island, the show has a huge twist, the contestants aren't allowed to engage in any sort of sexual activity, which will undoubtedly hot things up.

The contestants aren't even allowed to kiss eachother, and if they do, they lose a huge chunk of the $100,000 prize money (providing that they win!)

Throughout the series, the singletons get to know each other... and lose out on a LOT of money.

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When was Too Hot To Handle filmed?

The show was filmed in a luxurious Mexican villa, quite a while ago in 2019.

Some of the contestants have spoken out about when production took place and many are shocked about how long it's taken for the show to get to our screens.

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Contestant Chloe Veitch revealed to her Instagram followers in a live video that "It was filmed last year.

"I’ve literally waited a whole year for it to come out."

As well as this, the show's executive producer Viki Kolar has confirmed that season one was filmed over a year ago.

"[The cast turned up] a couple of days before the shoot, which was the end of March 2019 and we filmed for 24 to 25 days in April 2019", she told Refinery29.


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