What happened to The Traitors star Wilf Webster?

17 January 2024, 13:18

The Traitors season one Wilf winning a Bafta and with Claudia Winkleman
The Traitors season one featured Wilf as the number one deceitful. Picture: Wilfred Webster/Instagram

By Zoe Adams

The Traitors UK season one was a total hit thanks to traitor Wilf and his scheming ways but where is he now?

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Wilfred Webster was one of the original traitors cast in the very first season of The Traitors hosted by Claudia Winkleman.

Playing the game the best, Wilf found himself to be the only traitor in the final alongside three faithfuls Meryl, Hannah and Aaron. However, Kieran delivered the ultimate blow when he suggested "not everyone is who they seem" on his exit.

Just losing out on the cash prize, Wilf has gone on to say he's happy to have lost out after being presented with many opportunities following his airtime.

So what has happened to Traitors Wilf since starring on the hit TV show in 2023? Here's what you need to know:

Wilfred Webster was down to the final in series one of The Traitors
Wilfred Webster was down to the final in series one of The Traitors. Picture: BBC

Where is Traitors UK star Wilfred Webster now?

With almost 50,000 followers on Instagram, Wilf has gone on to have quite the social media profile.

Since filming, he now calls himself a content creator and TV personality, however, he has admitted to getting a day job as the influencer life can be quite unpredictable.

He told Vice: "The thing with social media is it's always fluctuating. So it's never guaranteed income all the time. That’s hard, especially with a family."

The reality star still has big dreams for his career though as he said: "I want to be a presenter eventually, like present a gameshow or something like that. I don’t want to be Wilf from The Traitors, I want eventually for people to not remember where I came from."

Work wise, Wilf also hosts a podcast with his fellow cast mates Ivan and Ryan.

In his personal life, Wilf has become a husband after marrying wife Yiota and travelled abroad for the first time.

Traitors stars Hannah and Wilfred are still close friends despite his lies on the show
Traitors stars Hannah and Wilfred are still close friends despite his lies on the show. Picture: Wilfred Webster/Instagram

Is he still friends with anyone from The Traitors season one?

Despite being a traitor and tricking almost everyone in the series, Wilf has remained on good terms with the majority of the cast.

He told heat magazine: "One person blocked me on Instagram. I’m not saying who it is but there’s one person I don’t speak to. They’re not a nice person.

"Everyone else I talk to here and there and everyone’s going through their own life so it’s hard to keep in touch sometimes. And I speak to Ivan and Ryan every week because we do our podcast."

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