People are claiming this 'magical' app has cured their insomnia

3 December 2018, 16:50 | Updated: 3 December 2018, 16:52

Could an app be the key to a good night's sleep?
Could an app be the key to a good night's sleep? Picture: Getty

Sleep Fan app plays a fan sound of your choice to help you sleep with a white noise background

There are two types of people in this world: those that can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, and those for whom sleep is a mythical enigma only achieved after huge anguish, endless tossing and turning, and a sacrifice to the gods about four hours after first closing their eyes.

And we have excellent news for those who fall in the second category.

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Many have praised a 'magical' app for helping them to achieve sleep with ease - and all it does is play the sound of a fan.

The soothing noise is often praised as being a good sleep aid - but as it's December and freezing (and about to get *significantly* colder), the real thing probably isn't best advised.

This is where the Sleep Fan app comes in.

You can choose what sort of fan you prefer, whether it be industrial or oscillating - so you can take your pick of the best white noise to suit you.

Users have praised the 'magical Sleep Fan app
Users have praised the 'magical' Sleep Fan app. Picture: Sleep Fan

The app has been inundated with five star reviews, with many claiming they 'can't sleep without' it.

One wrote: "I need the fan noise to go to sleep and this is the perfect app, honestly don't know what I would do without it!"

Another added: "Brilliant app very relaxing since I need a fan to sleep. Great to use if I ever have to go places and I can't take my own fan with me.

A third said: "I love this app, it's magical. I've used an expensive air purifier to make noise in the room so I can sleep but when I travel this is a great substitute! So effective I can use in place of any real fan."

So maybe smartphones aren't so bad for our sleeping patterns, after all...


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