Dan Osborne admits he 'doesn't know' whether he'll stay married to Jacqueline Jossa

1 May 2019, 08:47 | Updated: 1 May 2019, 08:49

Dan Osborne has spoken out about his marriage problems
Dan Osborne has spoken out about his marriage problems. Picture: Getty

He has spoken out about his marriage, admitting that it's on the rocks and the pair are 'losing their friendship'

Dan Osborne has spoken out about his marriage to Jacqueline Jossa, admitting that it's on the rocks and he is unsure whether it will survive.

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The 27-year-old, who was last month photographed looking cosy with his female friend Steph Ledigo in LA, revealed that he and Jacqueline are 'losing their friendship' and he often seeks refuge in the gym to escape the tension in the house.

Speaking to new! magazine, the former TOWIE star admitted that his wife was not happy about the reports about him and Steph, and she sent him screengrabs of the photographs.

When asked whether he and Jacqueline had discussed ending things, he said: "No, but there is a real negative energy and life’s too short to live like that. I just want to be happy and I want Jac to be happy. Whether that’s with me or not.

"It’s more like a really bad tension in the house and it’s getting worse. We’re losing our friendship. When I feel it’s getting too much, I’ll get out of the house and go to the gym or something."

He added: "If me and Jac were to break up at some point, then that's life and that's a decision made by us as a couple.

"I don't know what's going to happen. There's only to much anyone can take. But it's causing massive problems for us."

His comments come after the friend he was photographed with in LA - PR Steph Ledigo - hit back at claims anything untoward was going on between them, insisting that they are just friends.

She told The Sun Online: “I would never go near a married man. It was purely professional.

“There has definitely never been anything romantic between us. He’s like a brother. I just don’t feel like that at all.”

She went on to say that she has known Dan for five years through her PR company Go PR, adding that she's never heard him speak about Jacqueline Jossa because, she says: “I wouldn’t be close enough to him to talk about relationships.”

Steph revealed that their meeting in LA was purely platonic, saying: “He was working with a gym over there.  I was there seeing a friend in San Francisco and I have clients in LA so I went to see them.

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“We just went for dinner.  He was working and I just met up with them and came back to the UK.”

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