Dani Harmer pregnant: Tracy Beaker star's due date and everything you need to know

16 August 2021, 15:01 | Updated: 16 August 2021, 15:03

Dani Harmer is pregnant with her second child
Dani Harmer is pregnant with her second child. Picture: Instagram

When is Dani Dyer's baby due and what do we know about her family?

Congratulations are in order as Dani Harmer is expecting her second child.

The Tracy Beaker star announced the sweet news on her Instagram page, sharing a photo of herself and partner Simon Brough with their five-year-old daughter.

But when is Dani Harmer’s baby due and how many children does she already have? Here’s what we know...

Dani Harmer’s pregnancy announcement

Dani Harmer announced her pregnancy news on Instagram, with a sweet post saying: “Han solo had Chewie.

“Frodo had Sam. Shrek had Donkey.

“Now be prepared for the adventures of Avarie-Belle and as of yet unnamed bump”.

Her followers were quick to sent their well wishes, with one writing: “Awwwww congrats lovely x”

“How fantastic! Huge congratulations Dani,” while a third said: “Lovely news 😍❤️”.

Dani Dyer and her partner Simon
Dani Dyer and her partner Simon. Picture: Instagram

When is Dani Harmer’s due date?

Dani is due in February 2022, which means she has another six months to go.

Expecting parents usually wait three months until they announce they are pregnant.

Is Dani Harmer having a girl or a boy?

The Tracy Beaker star is yet to announce whether she is having a boy or girl, instead using both blue and pink heart emojis in her Instagram post.

We will have to keep an eye out to see whether she announces the gender of her unborn baby over the next few months.

My Mum Tracy Beaker - Trailer

How many children does Dani Harmer have?

Dani is mum to five-year-old daughter Avarie-Belle who she shares with her partner Simon Brough.

Speaking ahead of the release of her recent show My Mum Tracy Beaker, she told the Independent: "When I first heard about the book My Mum Tracy Beaker, I was like 'I wonder if Jacqueline knows I’ve just had a child and that’s what sparked the idea?"

She also opened up about her struggles with home-schooling, saying: "It’s a big responsibility teaching little people how to read and write with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever.

"It’s bonkers. We are trying not to get frustrated with each other. I’m trying my best to be a teacher, but I’m an actor."

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