Inside Celebrity Gogglebox stars Emma and Matt Willis' £1.7m family home

15 July 2022, 14:52

Emma and Matt Willis joke around on Celebrity Gogglebox

When did Emma and Matt Willis get married and how many children do they have?

Matt and Emma Willis have decided to let Celebrity Gogglebox viewers have a look inside their home life.

While Emma is a renowned presenter - who has fronted shows such as Big Brother and The One Show - her husband Matt shot to fame in the boyband Busted.

Let’s take a look at their relationship history and lives together…

Matt and Emma Willis got married in 2008
Matt and Emma Willis got married in 2008. Picture: Instagram

When did Emma and Matt Willis get married?

Matt and Emma got married in 2008 at Ruston Hill in Northampton.

The pair met in 2004 while Matt was in Busted and Emma was working as a TV presenter for MTV.

"I met Matt when he was in Busted. I was working at MTV and I'd see him wearing baggy jeans, waddling around like a duck so they didn’t fall down,” Emma told Cosmopolitan.

"He used to wear makeup and have weird hairstyles. But I remember thinking underneath all that was a really cute guy...

"Nine years on, that fun has turned into a marriage and two kids, which is amazing because I never expected it for a second, and I don't think he did.”

For their 10th wedding anniversary, they decided to renew their wedding vows at the same venue.

They were wed by Britain’s Got Talent’s Stephen Mulhern and Emma wore the same dress she did on her original wedding day.

Where do Emma and Matt Willis live?

Emma and Matt live in a £1.7million home in Hertfordshire, which they share with their children.

Emma and Matt Willis have three children together
Emma and Matt Willis have three children together. Picture: Instagram

The former Big Brother presenter designed many of the rooms herself and often shares photos of her huge open plan kitchen and gorgeous living room.

How many children do Emma and Matt Willis have?

Emma and Matt Willis share three children together - Isabelle, 13, Ace, 10, and six-year-old Trixie-Grace.

The pair don’t share photos of their children’s faces in order to keep their privacy, but they do share little glimpses of their family life together.

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