Giovanna Fletcher says she finally respects her body after having children

25 March 2022, 13:51 | Updated: 25 March 2022, 13:55

Giovanna Fletcher talks about parenthood and feeling comfortable in her own body on Heart's No Filter

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Giovanna Fletcher explains how having children ‘massively changed’ her body image in Heart's new series 'No Filter'.

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Giovanna Fletcher has opened up about learning to respect her body after having children.

Speaking candidly to Heart as part of our 'No Filter' series, the I’m A Celebrity winner says she never felt like she fitted in as a child, and struggled with her body image.

But after she welcomed her first child Buzz, eight, with husband Tom Fletcher, she learnt to appreciate what her body can actually do.

“Back in the eighties, it was all about being thin,” she told us.

Giovanna Fletcher has said she didn't always feel comfortable in her skin
Giovanna Fletcher has said she didn't always feel comfortable in her skin. Picture: Instagram

“I think that has massively changed now, but it was definitely about looking a certain way, and I can honestly say that I never felt like I fitted in to that.

"It's all part of growing up, I was definitely the chubbier one out of me and my siblings, I think that played a part in it.

"I think growing up you can't help seeing all the diets people are on."

The 37-year-old continued: “But actually, I think it was having my first child and seeing my body grow and change that massively changed my outlook on my body.

“Our bodies are living things and they help us through life, so we've got to respect them.”

Podcaster and author Giovanna now shares three children with McFly singer Tom; Buzz, Buddy, six, and Max, three.

Giovanna shares three boys with her husband Tom Fletcher
Giovanna shares three boys with her husband Tom Fletcher. Picture: Instagram

But while she has always shared family moments on social media, she told us she’s keen to make sure she 'doesn't always make things seem amazing and happy.'

“This life is full of layers and happy moments can be a bit sad at moments as well," she said.

“So I like to keep some reality in there as well, but there's definitely things I'm just not going to share that I don't need to.

“It's all about what you feel comfortable sharing.”

Finally, Giovanna shared some advice to her younger self to ‘keep going’ through the hard times, as well as to continue being kind and ‘keep smiling’.

She added: “I'd definitely say to talk to people. I think that always helps because I feel like a lot of the time we feel like we're the only one experiencing things.

“And actually, once we vocalise it and open up, we realise that so many other people are feeling the same.”

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