Jacqueline Jossa says 'if you don't have a garden, tough' as she despairs at lockdown rule-breakers

6 April 2020, 10:37

The I'm A Celeb star has shared her disapproval at those who left their homes to go sunbathing this weekend.

Jacqueline Jossa has shared her despair at those who flouted lockdown rules to go sunbathing this weekend, saying: "If you don't have a garden, tough".

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The I'm A Celeb star, 27, took to Instagram to hit out at the many Brits who opted to go out sunbathing this weekend, despite government advice to only leave your home for necessary trips or exercise.

Jacqueline Jossa urged people to stay inside in an Instagram video
Jacqueline Jossa urged people to stay inside in an Instagram video. Picture: Instagram

Posting a video from her own garden, she said: "Just stay indoors. Just because it's hot outside, if you haven't got a garden it's one of them things, tough!

"Maybe do your one day exercise and take a walk or something, just stay indoors.

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"Otherwise, we're going to be doing this for f*****g ages. I read somewhere someone was having a house party, oh my God.

Jacqueline said: "If you don&squot;t have a garden, tough" in the clip
Jacqueline said: "If you don't have a garden, tough" in the clip. Picture: Instagram

"There should be stricter rules for people that are that f*****g stupid to have house parties when we are in the state that we're in.

"Have people just forgot that we're going through all of this?

Many people opted to go out sunbathing this weekend
Many people opted to go out sunbathing this weekend. Picture: PA

"You can't go around your mates house, you can't have big family groups, you can't have barbecues with 20 people, just stay in your own homes with the people yourself-isolating with."

Jacqueline received backlash for posting the clip while laying in her garden, which she later responded to.

She said: "I'm really done with people on Instagram DM'ing saying stupid stuff like: 'Oh my God, easy for you to say in your garden.' Yeah, I'm in my garden.

"I understand people in flats with kids and stuff, it's really hard. I understand it's hard but it's doable. Otherwise, we'll be doing this for months and months.

"If you're in a flat and you're like: 'The kids are driving me mad, I've got to get out', just go for a walk, no one is saying you can't go for a walk, go get some fresh air.

"Just don't go to the park and let your kids play with other people's kids. Don't go on playdates, stuff like that. I know it's hard."


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