Mummy Diaries stars Sam and Billie Faiers slam claims they've had botox

4 April 2019, 14:32 | Updated: 18 June 2019, 07:16

Sam Faiers claimed she has never had botox during last night's show
Sam Faiers claimed she has never had botox during last night's show. Picture: ITV

Sam Faiers denied she has had plastic surgery or botox on her face during last night's episode of The Mummy Diaries

Sam Faiers, 28, first appeared on our screens almost 10 years ago in the first season of The Only Way Is Essex in 2010, and she's had a dramatic transformation since.

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Sam and Billie Faiers pictured recently outside the Heart office
Sam and Billie Faiers pictured recently outside the Heart office. Picture: Getty

But speaking about their 'changing faces', she and sister Billie Faiers, 29, have revealed that they have facials and good skincare routines to thank for their appearances - rather than botox.

During last night's episode of The Mummy Diaries, the pair were getting facials in preparation for Billie's upcoming wedding to Greg Shepherd.

Sam said: "We've never had Botox, we've always looked after our skin.

"I feel like when you're a celebrity, people assume you have work done."

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Sam went onto reveal that people speculate that she had had her 'eyes done' and 'filler', but insisted "I honestly have never ever had Botox."

Sam and Billie Faiers pictured in the early TOWIE days
Sam and Billie Faiers pictured in the early TOWIE days. Picture: Getty

After her revelation, viewers were keen for Sam to share her beauty secrets.

One tweeted: "@SamanthaFaiers has NEVER had botox or fillers what’s your secret girl!?!? #MummyDiaries."

"I swear you look younger everytime I see you❤️❤️well since watching you guys. @BillieFaiers I have random outbursts now n again singin #mumsontheloose!! #losttheplot#loveit!!"

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Dr Pamela Benito, an expert on skincare and facials, told "The only medical goal of a facial is to clean out pores clogged by dirt and oil from overactive sebaceous glands.

"As for the hope that facial massage and facials help to tone and firm ageing skin, it's probably not so. What they do, besides cleansing pores, is give a temporary boost to the blood circulation, which produces a glow and gives a relaxed, pampered feeling. That psychological benefit may be the ‘anti-aging treatment’ but if you are looking for real results and wanting to prevent and smooth lines and wrinkles, I am afraid you would still have to go for Facial Aesthetic treatments such as Botox, Dermal fillers, chemical peels, mesotherapy,.. which will deliver clearly anti-aging effects."

Sam previously opened up about wanting to 'age gracefully', telling Hello! magazine: "I think deep down everyone worries about ageing just a little bit, don’t they? I’ve never had any cosmetic surgery myself.

"I quite like the thought of growing old gracefully and I’m at a completely different stage of my life now where I’m enjoying thinking more about health, lifestyle and family really."

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