Mummy Diaries' Sam Faiers wants intimate Italian wedding to Paul Knightley

27 March 2019, 11:10 | Updated: 27 March 2019, 12:35

Sam Faiers shared her plans for her own dream wedding
Sam Faiers shared her plans for her own dream wedding. Picture: Heart
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

EXCLUSIVE: Sam and sister Billie Shepherd visited Heart London Breakfast to give an update on what's been going on away from their hit ITVBe show, the Mummy Diaries.

Sam Faiers plans to follow in big sister Billie's footsteps and get married abroad... but it won't be as rowdy as the Maldives.

The reality TV sisters popped in to Heart London Breakfast to update Jamie Theakston and Lucy Horobin on what's been going on away from the cameras of their ITVBe reality show, The Mummy Diaries.

Fans have been caught up in the excitement leading up to Billie and now-husband Greg Shepherd's big day - with photos of their lavish tropical island nuptials captured for eternity in a spread for OK! Magazine.

But Sam admitted that her dream wedding will look a little different to mum-of-two Billie's.

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She said: "My wedding will be a total opposite to Billie’s.

"Billie and Greg are entertainers, they are always doing something so we always knew their wedding would be humungous and epic.

"I think I do want to get married abroad, but I think I will do a really epic hen, like Vegas, but then have the wedding really small.

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"Paul Knightley and I have gone to Italy every year since we met. I feel like I would probably do it there, but it would be half the size [of Billie’s]."

Referring to tabloid reports - branded "lies" by the girls - that normal folks' holidays of a lifetime were spoiled by Billie and Greg's 96 guests and film crew, Sam joked that she would give other tourists a heads-up where their wedding would be taking place.

She laughed: “Don’t go this hotel at this time, honeymooners!”

Billie's wedding hit the headlines after people claimed that the wedding party had turned the Maldives in to Southend.

She admitted that things did get a little loud, but denied that it was as wild as some people claimed.

"There were nearly 100 of us and we did have a really good time," she explained.

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"Naturally 100 people when you get together… we were a little bit loud but there was certainly no rudeness. A lot of stuff that was in the press wasn’t true. Lies. But we did have a good time."

Sam added: "On all the big occasions we had our own areas so we didn’t disturb any other guests or honeymooners.

"I think it was more when we gathered round the pool, or in the buggies going from A-B.

Billie Shepherd still had her wedding glow after her exciting trip to the Maldives
Billie Shepherd still had her wedding glow after her exciting trip to the Maldives. Picture: Heart

"It was probably the biggest wedding the Maldives ever had!"

There was also drama before the girls arrived at the picture perfect archipaelgo - their dad missed his flight after taking sleeping pills to calm his nerves.

Sam said: "My dad got marched off the flight. Well he didn’t even make the flight.

Sam and Billie Faiers visited Heart London Breakfast
Sam and Billie Faiers visited Heart London Breakfast. Picture: Heart

"He hates flying and had a sleeping tablet and a few drinks. It couldn’t get any worse.

"When we got the call we thought it was a wind-up.

"It’s not like you can jump one a plane to Spain. It’s a scheduled flight. We thought he would miss the wedding."

Sam also elaborated on the ongoing debate between her and partner Paul about whether or not their eldest child, Baby Paul, should go to nursery.

There were tense scenes when she raised the topic with her businessman boyfriend, who is adamant that the little boy should stay with his parents and baby sister Rosie until he starts school.

Sam said: "He’s not at nursery. I’m not against it, Billie's son Arthur goes to nursery.

"I feel like you don’t actually have to send them to nursery if your family unit is working fine and you’re happy.

"I don’t see what the pressure is. I do feel like before he goes to school when he’s 4 I do want him to have about a year interacting with other children and knowing about routine.

"He doesn’t actually go to school til next September so I don’t feel like there’s much rush.

"I say to Paul when you’re out and doing things you need to make sure he’s going with you, and is being stimulated and getting involved."

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