Sophie Hermann says she has a 'friend for life' in Chloe Ferry after being 'terrified' to meet her

11 February 2021, 16:35 | Updated: 11 February 2021, 17:04

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Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Sophie Hermann has opened up about her friendship with Celebs Go Dating co-stars Chloe Ferry and Kimberly Hart-Simpson.

Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion is in full swing, with the final episode set to air next Thursday (18 February).

As the daters are for the first time ever living together in a swanky Surrey mansion, viewers have been watching their friendships - as well as relationships - flourish.

One trio who have captured the hearts of the nation are Sophie Hermann, Chloe Ferry and Kimberly Hart-Simpson, who have all become very close over the course of the series.

Sophie has grown close to Chloe and Kimberly during filming
Sophie has grown close to Chloe and Kimberly during filming. Picture: E4

Heart caught up with Sophie to chat about her time on Celebs Go Dating, and she opened up about the friendships she started in the mansion.

She said: "Honestly, I can now say that I probably made friends for life - Sspecially the girls Kimberley and Chloe. They are so dear to me, we speak almost daily.

Sophie also said that she had preconceptions of all the cast before doing the show, adding: "Especially Chloe. I was actually terrified to meet her, and then from the first day we already fell in love with each other.

"She’s quite the character, but she’s so different from what you see from the exterior, from Instagram. She’s got the warmest heart and is such a girl’s girl. A really rare diamond."

Sophie is working with Extra Gum, who have done some research into online dating in lockdown - finding that talking while on mute (29%), screens freezing (26%), being interrupted by a housemate (18%) and even recognising someone you live with (13%) are some of the top embarrassing moments experienced on lockdown dates.

Speaking about the campaign, Sophie said: "Extra Gum is on a mission to get everyone’s ding back, and I love this new campaign is it is exactly what the world needs right now.

"I think the lockdown has been incredibly hard for everyone, but especially single people.

"So I’m all for this mission. Everybody needs to start channeling their inner Hermannator."


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