Inside Stacey Dooley's house that she shares with Kevin Clifton

24 March 2021, 20:50 | Updated: 24 March 2021, 21:07

Stacey Dooley shows off her stunning living room

Where does Stacey Dooley live? Stacey and Kevin bought a beautiful London home together last year.

Stacey Dooley is the host of a new show named This Is My House, which starts on BBC One on Wednesday 24 March.

The series has been described as a mixture of Would I Lie To You? and Through The Keyhole, and it sees four contestants try to convince a panel of celebs that they own a particular home - but only one is telling the truth.

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Stacey and her boyfriend Kevin Clifton bought their own home last year, and the pair frequently post photos of the interior to Instagram.

Stacey regularly shows off her stunning home on Instagram
Stacey regularly shows off her stunning home on Instagram. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Dooley

The stunning property is located in London, and she has been regularly updating fans with the renovations.

She previously revealed on social media: "Feel so lucky and excited. I’ve never had my own front door or garden as an adult until now!

The living area has a gorgeous full-length mirror
The living area has a gorgeous full-length mirror. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Dooley

"Let me know of second hand/indie spots and tradesmen etc...

"Will bore you with progress."

The Strictly winner previously said on events site Fane: “When the lockdown kicked off, we were in this tiny flat and I thought, ‘We need a house’.

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Stacey has been updating fans on the house's renovations
Stacey has been updating fans on the house's renovations. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Dooley

"So we bought the house and have a garden – and Kev is never out of it.

"I think if I’d have been single [during the lockdown], I’d have been so lonely. It breaks my heart, the idea that people had to go through this alone."

Stacey and Kevin bought the house together last year
Stacey and Kevin bought the house together last year. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Dooley

Stacey has shown off the results of the transformation of her dining area, revealing that it's been done up with a huge marble table and French doors opening up to their garden.

She previously told The One Show: “I feel so lucky to have a house because I’ve never had a proper house before, it’s always been flats.

“So, I’m making sure everything is immaculate - yeah I’m doing everyone’s heads in - but it’s looking lovely.

The house is located in London
The house is located in London. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Dooley

"He’s [Kevin] just not interested, he’s not fussed in the slightest.

"I said to Kev, ‘Oh we’re going to have this paint texture and it’s really going to look the part.'

"Anyway he looked at it and said, ‘We’ve paid more money and it looks like we’ve got mould'"

"You’ve missed the point entirely, it’s textured."


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