Jamie Oliver reveals secret health battle after condition leaves him 'unable to stand'

18 January 2024, 12:59

Jamie Oliver smiles with his wife Jools Oliver
Jamie Oliver has spoken out about his painful condition. Picture: Alamy/Instagram/Jamie Oliver

By Hope Wilson

Jamie Oliver has opened up about his painful health condition.

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Jamie Oliver, 48, has shared that he has been secretly batting a health condition which left him 'unable to stand.'

The celebrity chef- who is married to Jools, 49, with whom he shares five children; Poppy, 21, Daisy, 20, Petal, 14, Buddy, 12, and River, seven- revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine that he has been suffering from multiple slipped discs.

This condition is caused when the soft cushion of tissue between the bones in your spine pushes out, which can lead to problems bending or straightening your back, muscle weakness and neck pain.

Jamie admitted to experiencing agonising pain where at times he has only been able to stand for '40 seconds at a time'.

Jamie Oliver smiles at dinner table
Jamie Oliver has discussed his health troubles. Picture: Getty

The father-of-five stated: "I'm just getting back into normal gyming as I've had four years of three slipped discs. It's about managing it — my job doesn't allow me not to work.

"If I stop, this whole thing falls apart. I've had weeks where I've been able to stand for only 40 seconds at a time."

He also explained the he treats his pain with medical help, stating: "Now if I get a sniff of it I'm straight to see my doctor and he sticks a b***** great needle in my back."

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Jamie has been open about his health in the past, revealing that he has struggled with going to the gym at times.

In an interview with Men's Health, the cooking connoisseur explained his earlier frustrations with his exercise regime, stating: "I was getting three hours sleep a night, putting on weight and not really getting it.

"I’d always gone to a trainer but I just f****** hated it. It was really boring. What I finally worked out was that it’s important for you to do it on your terms.

"Previously, if I organised training in my time, I hated it. But then I was like, why is it that I can get up for a 3.30am call and be on set and smash the s*** out of it and yet getting to the gym is too hard? So I just shifted it so that the gym was on the way to work and it was part of the working day. The minute I did that I got really good at it. It’s totally mental. "

Jamie Oliver smiles with his children and wife Jools Oliver
Jamie Oliver shares five children with his wife Jools Oliver. Picture: Instagram/Jools Oliver

Elsewhere in The Sunday Times interview, Jamie revealed why he and his wife Jools renewed their wedding vows last year.

The TV favourite said: "We thought we would remind the kids that their mum and dad love each other. We have three still living at home.

"Pops is travelling and Daisy is training to be a nurse up north. Having five delays the empty nest. I think that was Jools’s strategy."

Jamie Oliver smiles with Jools Oliver
Jamie Oliver has been married to Jools Oliver since 2000. Picture: Instagram/Jools Oliver

He also disclosed how he and Jools spend their evenings, sharing: "When the younger kids are in bed I’ll light a fire and slump on the sofa like a bag of potatoes. We’ll watch some dross and if Jools falls asleep I’ll switch over to something about building bridges. We go to bed at 10pm.

"For the past year I’ve talked to myself in the third person just before I fall asleep, going through the day and thanking myself for carrying this bag of bones around. There are b********** in there too.

"It’s a bit weird but it seems to work. I thank all the people that I love and who I’m grateful for. I fall asleep easily. My body is, like, 'For f*** sake, please.' Hopefully I will get some more sleep one day."

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