Jonnie Irwin reveals what has 'kept him alive' amid cancer battle

18 January 2024, 11:10

Jonnie Irwin smiles with his wife Jessica Holmes
Jonnie Irwin is battling cancer. Picture: Instagram/Jonnie Irwin

By Hope Wilson

Jonnie Irwin has given fans an update on his health whilst battling terminal cancer.

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Jonnie Irwin, 50, has revealed he is 'open minded' when it comes to cancer treatment, and credits his diet as one of the 'reasons he is here'.

This admission comes after the A Place in the Sun host disclosed he was living with terminal lung cancer in 2022, although he had received the diagnosis two years prior.

Since then Jonnie has been documenting his health journey, often updating fans on his hospital visits and treatment plans.

The father-of-three recently appeared on the podcast Conversations with Jane McLelland, where he discussed his prognosis and gave listeners an insight into his cancer treatment.

Jonnie Irwin smiles
Jonnie Irwin has given fans a health update. Picture: Alamy

During the candid conversation, Jonnie stated: "One of the reasons I think I'm still here is I'm not a cancer patient. It's always there at the back of your mind but I'm living with cancer, not dying with cancer.

"Every time I talk about how strong I feel, I end up in hospital the next day, so I'm not gonna curse it."

Jonnie Irwin smiles with his three sons and wife Jessica
Jonnie Irwin shares three sons with wife Jessica. Picture: Instagram/ Jonnie Irwin

Whilst the podcast host, Jane, noted that any potential treatment should be discussed with a patient's doctor, Jonnie explained he had been exploring other ways of managing his diagnosis.

The property expert continued: "If I just listened to the prognosis I'm perennially given, I'd be curled up in a ball and crying myself to death. But I feel much more empowered and much more educated that there's a sphere of help, and help from the NHS is a massive part of that sphere, but there's also bits and bobs that I can do. I'm doing hyperbaric oxygen, Vitamin C, Reiki, I feel great after it.

"I'm so much more open minded. Probably because I've got a gun to my head. It's a rich kaleidoscope of help that I'm getting and I'm pursuing and I will continue to do that. You've got to look into alternatives, do your own research."

Jonnie Irwin looks into the camera
Jonnie Irwin is open about his cancer treatment . Picture: Instagram/Jonnie Irwin

Jonnie went on to state: "I’m convinced the reason I’m here is from a mixture of things. My diet - I don’t have a keto diet. I had a keto diet for about two years and I lost a lot of weight and I decided to have my own diet. More sensible, healthy, veggie smoothies in the morning, lots of veg, and a little fruit but not too much because I’m nervous about the sugar.

"But I know my liver likes fruit. I’m drinking a lot of tea and coffee because it’s good for my liver but you can’t just do one thing - you’ve got to adapt as well. When your liver’s playing up you’ve got to feed it what it wants, and that might be what is good in the whole."

Jonnie Irwin smiles
Jonnie Irwin has been trying different diets. Picture: Instagram/ Jonnie Irwin

This latest update comes after Jonnie celebrated his 50th birthday in November.

Speaking to HELLO!, Jonnie opened up about turning 50 and revealed how he was celebrating his special day.

The social media favourite stated: "I feel really privileged to be able to celebrate my birthday looking at blue skies and with sand between my toes.

"I had an early birthday party at the start of the year because I didn't think I'd make it. It was like being at my own wake; lots of fun, lots of dancing. But here I am. I view it as a complete triumph."

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