Passenger ending explained- everything that happened in Chadder Vale

5 April 2024, 10:57

Passenger ending explained after six episodes of the black comedy
Passenger ending explained after six episodes of the black comedy. Picture: ITV

By Hope Wilson

How does Passenger end and will there be a second series? Here is everything you need to know about the ITV drama.

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Passenger has gripped us all with it's star-studded cast and intriguing plot, as we try to discover who Pangea are and what's really going on in Chadder Vale.

After local girl Katie Wells (Rowan Robinson) goes missing, Riya Ajunwa (Wunmi Mosaku) is determined to figure out what happened to her and what is causing all of the strange events in the village. From terrifying monsters to a peculiar video game, nothing is as it seems in Passenger.

Although the series is still airing weekly on ITV1, some keen viewers have watched all six episodes on ITVX and have been wondering what the end of the show actually meant. With rumours of a second series, it looks like this isn't the end for Passenger.

Here is the Passenger ending explained and warning, this article contains spoilers...

Passenger is a brand new ITV black comedy
Passenger is a brand new ITV black comedy. Picture: ITV

Passenger ending explained

During the final episode of Passenger, we discovered that bakery owner Derek was behind most of the weird goings on in Chadder Vale.

It was revealed that the illusive company Pangea were making the young people in the village sign a peculiar contract which seemed to impact their experience in the mysterious Vale. It was also explained that the Passenger game (which most of the adolescents have been playing) has some dangerous real-world implications.

In the sixth episode, viewers watched Derek being kidnapped by the mysterious leader of Pangea, who give little care to the fact that Derek's brother Kane had been arrested for the murder of Mehmet.

It was then discovered that Derek and Kane had moved Mehmet's body to Jim's fracking site in an attempt to close it down, but the pair had not murdered him.

Everyone is under suspicion in Passenger
Everyone is under suspicion in Passenger. Picture: ITV

The Pangea kingpin then unveiled the true purpose of the company, stating: "We had a chance with Derek, to take our anxiety-ridden youth and give them purpose. To turn all those hours sitting at a keyboard and give them strength, entice them with the prize then recruit their minds."

It's thought that Derek and Kane were being paid by Panega to keep the monster captive in the bakery and were waiting on further instructions from the higher ups on when to release it, and cause maximum chaos.

It is revealed that Kane has been dumping human remains in bins around the village, presumably from previous Passenger players who have failed the game. This made Riya suspicious and led to Kane being arrested for Mehmet's murder.

After the Pangea leader lets Derek go, things become even more confusing as he attempts to stop the monster from exiting the bakery. But before he can, the Chadder Vale resident realises that the creature has escaped. The monster attacks Katie but she manages to lure the strange being into the woods where it is later captured by a mystery man.

Derek plays an integral role in Passenger
Derek plays an integral role in Passenger. Picture: ITV

Viewers then see a terrified Derek pouring petrol around his bakery, but unbeknownst to him, Ali and Nish are down in basement.

The pair had followed the coordinates discovered from their research on Pangea and the Passenger game, and have found themselves in front of a locked door which is adorned with Pangea's logo.

As the two crack the code (using Nina's notes), they enter a room and discover weapons and overalls. They don't have time to take in their surroundings before they are greeted by a Pangea boss who tells them: "This time, the game is real. If you win, a life-changing prize awaits. If you fail, well, better to die greatly, no?"

Ali and Nish then realise they are in the game and have to think fast.

Ali and Nish find themselves in a pickle on Passenger
Ali and Nish find themselves in a pickle on Passenger. Picture: ITV

The series then ends with the fates of the villagers unknown, however fans are hoping that ITV will commission another series of the drama.

Viewers have taken to X, formally known as Twitter, to ask whether a second season is coming, and ITV have hinted that there may be.

One user wrote: "6 episodes and no answers. @ITV please tell me there is a Series 2? #Passenger"

To which ITV's X account cheekily replied: "We couldn’t possibly say…#Passenger."

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