Will there be a Passenger series 2? Everything we know about a second season

5 April 2024, 10:55

Passenger has just finished its first series
Passenger has just finished its first series. Picture: ITV

By Hope Wilson

After the success of its first season, will ITV Passenger be returning for a second series? Here are all the answers.

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After weeks of mystery and intrigue, it's fair to stay we're all gripped by ITV drama Passenger.

Written by Broadchurch star Andrew Buchan, this drama has kept us on our toes as we try to discover what's really going on in Chadder Vale. Mysterious disappearances and strange creatures have been plaguing the small village, however Riya (Wunmi Mosaku) is determined to put an end to the madness.

With a stellar cast and an open-ended finale, many fans have been wondering whether the six-part mind-bending Passenger will return for another series.

Will there be a Passenger season two? Here is everything we know for far.

Passenger is a brand new ITV black comedy
Passenger is a brand new ITV black comedy. Picture: ITV

Is there a Passenger series 2?

It is currently unknown whether there will be a second series of Passenger, however ITV have hinted that the show may make a return in the future.

Taking to X, formally known as Twitter, one viewer asked: "6 episodes and no answers. @ITV please tell me there is a Series 2? #Passenger"

To which ITV's X account cheekily replied: "We couldn’t possibly say…#Passenger."

While ITV haven't officially confirmed a second series of the show, we're taking this as a strong hint that it will be back soon!

Wunmi Mosaku is the lead in Passenger
Wunmi Mosaku is the lead in Passenger. Picture: ITV

The final episode of Passenger was left on a cliff-hanger after Ali and Nish were inserted into the game and offered the chance to win a 'life-changing prize' or die.

The show then ends with the fate of the villagers unknown, leading many fans to take to social media to question whether the series would be coming back.

One user wrote: "The ending… i wasn’t expecting anything like that. we need season 2 immediately !! don’t leave me on this cliff hanger."

Another added: "Finally finished watching #Passenger tonight and boy I wasn’t expecting that ending... still, could that possibly leave an opening to reprise my role alongside the brilliant @_DanielRyan Rowan Robinson & @NatalieGavin for a 2nd series ?!!? Fingers crossed."

With a third stating: "After watching the first 2 eps last week and wondering whether to carry on, I binged the next 4. I need series 2 asap please! #Passenger."

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